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ACCA Books | Best books for ACCA preparation | ACCA 2017-18

The three pillars of your ACCA preparation should be Classes, Textbooks, and Mock exams. Ideally, when you join a coaching program for ACCA, you will get Classes and Mock exams. Along with that, some coaching institutes provide you exam kit which contains notes and past question papers. But, what they do not provide is ACCA books.

Let us make one thing clear first, ACCA doesn’t publish any books. But, there are publications like Kaplan and BPP Learning Media who publish ACCA books which can be considered as text/reference books for ACCA exams. The ideal strategy would be to follow these ACCA books along with your regular coaching classes.

ACCA Books

Kaplan Publication ACCA books

Kaplan Publishing is one of ACCA’s Approved Content Providers, and we work very closely with them to ensure that thousands of ACCA students in hundreds of markets are supported in their exam preparation with exam-focused learning materials. They publish complete text, pocket notes and exam notes. Kaplan is a Platinum approved learning partner of ACCA.

Kaplan ACCA booksWhere you can buy:

Key points:

  • Easy to understand and well demonstrated
  • Lot of examples throughout the text
  • Step by step guidance in each topic
  • Good for those who are beginners/new to accounting
  • Expensive than books of other publications
Kaplan ACCA book prices
Paper Price Paper Price
F1  ₹ 3,391.00 P1  ₹    3,465.00
F2  ₹ 3,391.00 P2  ₹    3,682.00
F3  ₹ 3,391.00 P3  ₹    3,682.00
F4  ₹ 3,174.00 P4  ₹    3,465.00
F5  ₹ 3,391.00 P5  ₹    3,465.00
F6  ₹ 2,904.00 P6  ₹    3,038.00
F7  ₹ 3,608.00 P7  ₹ 11,998.00
F8  ₹ 3,391.00
F9  ₹ 3,682.00


BPP Learning Media Publication ACCA books

BPP is a well know publisher of ACCA books. As an ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner you can be confident of their quality of content, texts and the support they offer to all ACCA students. Plus, they are an ACCA Approved Content Provider meaning all their Study Texts, and Exam Revision Kits are reviewed by the ACCA examining team, so you can be assured they will provide you with everything you need for exam success. They publish study text, interactive text, practice and revision kit and pass cards.

BPP ACCA books

Where you can buy:

Key points:

  • Very detailed text with lots of case studies
  • A little prior experience in Accounting would be helpful in comprehending these books
  • Best for students who are doing self-study
  • Good in explaining theories
  • Little lengthy text
  • Prices less than Kaplan
BPP ACCA book prices
Paper Price Paper Price
F1  ₹ 2,139.00 P1  ₹ 2,430.00
F2  ₹ 2,153.00 P2  ₹ 2,746.00
F3  ₹ 2,088.00 P3  ₹ 2,689.00
F4  ₹ 2,373.00 P4  ₹ 2,457.00
F5  ₹ 2,458.00 P5  ₹ 2,460.00
F6  ₹ 4,800.00 P6  ₹ 2,609.00
F7  ₹ 2,452.00 P7  ₹ 2,648.00
F8  ₹ 2,433.00
F9  ₹ 2,667.00


Few other publications who publish good quality ACCA books

There are few other publishers for ACCA which are not as popular as Kaplan ACCA and BPP ACCA but are worth considering.

  1. GTG (Get Through Guides): It is an Indian publisher of ACCA books. You can count them for your ACCA preparation if you find foreign publisher books difficult to comprehend. But, the quality of these materials is a little behind Kaplan and BPP.
  2. Becker Professional Education Ltd: They also provide quality ACCA books. Their revision question bank package is a good book to consider.


Ideal Strategy for ACCA preparation

The ideal strategy for all ACCA aspirants would be to enroll into a coaching center and referring to text books side by side. If you are already having much experience in accounting then you should buy books of different publishers for different papers. For example, materials of F5, P3 and P5 papers are best written by BPP Learning media. Similarly, Kaplan ACCA books for papers like the F3 and F7 are considered best. So, choose wisely. But, if you are a beginner or relatively new to accounting (e.g. You don’t have qualifications like CA or MBA finance or CMA), then choose books of one publisher only. If you are buying Kaplan then buy all books from Kaplan. If you buy from BPP then buy all books from BPP. This will ensure coherency of the content and smooth flow of knowledge.


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