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ACCA CPD | Learning and Development Program

Learning is a lifetime process. Hence, even after becoming a qualified ACCA member, the learning process continues. This is called as ACCA CPD. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ensures that the qualified member is up to date with the changes on a regular basis. Hence, this helps the members maintain competence and be industry ready.

ACCA CPD Requirements

Every ACCA member must complete certain set CPD requirements. This requirement is on annual basis starting from the 1st January since them membership is obtained. Suppose if the member completes ACCA membership on 5th January, 2017 or on 25th December, 2017, then he is liable for ACCA CPD from 1st January 2018. Hence, within that year the ACCA CPD requirements are to be met.


Furthermore, the basic requirements are following:

         1. CPD Credit Requirements:

Technical learning is considered as a credit. 1 Credit = 1 hour of study.

  1. Total 40 credits have to be completed annually.
  2. At least 21 out of 40 have to be verifiable
  3. 19 can be non-verifiable

    2. How to earn credit?

Any technical skill or learning related to work profile or any knowledge that helps in advancement can be considered as credits.

  1. How to get CPD Verified?

All is needed for verification is evidence that the particular learning activity has taken place. Therefore, these activities may include webinars, ACCA CPD courses online, conference attendance, publications and technical articles etc. as long evidence can be provided.

To know more about ACCA CPD courses online visit here.

Who has to do ACCA CPD?

All the non-ACCA retired members have to complete CPD on an annual basis. However, there are different CPD requirements for following categories:

  • Part-time or semi-retired unit route
  • IFAC body route
  • being eligible for a CPD waiver

For more information on the route to follow or to know eligibility for a CPD waiver, please visit

When to do ACCA Global CPD?

CPD earning should begin at the start of the year to ensure it is relevant to the development needs. One is required to participate in ACCA global CPD program from 1 January of the year following admittance to membership.

Therefore, ACCA CPD requirements have to be met in order to always have industry related expertise and knowledge.

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