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ACCA Job opportunities in India and ACCA Global jobs

Every  ACCA aspirant first wants to ensure that there are enough job opportunities after ACCA. Also, ACCA global jobs are lucrative, which is why brightest of minds go for it from all corners of the globe. ACCA is an International body that certifies professionals for their skills and expertise in accounting. ACCA follows IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) in its course curriculum. Once you pass all the ACCA qualification exams and gain ACCA’s practical experience requirement, you will become a member of ACCA. And becoming a member of ACCA makes you a desirable candidate in many high paying and rewarding jobs.

ACCA Global Jobs opportunities in India and other countries

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Popular career choices after ACCA

Here are some top fields of job where an ACCA qualified will be considered a desirable candidate

  1. Accountant: An accountant typically records, financial transactions and prepares company’s financial statements. This would include documenting balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements. And for this job one has to be thorough with the Accepted Accounting Standards, which you will learn in the ACCA’s curriculum.
  2. Financial Auditor: An auditor is typically a professional who checks for inconsistencies in the previously reported data. For example, if illegal procedures are followed by a company to evade tax, then it is the job of the auditor to find those loopholes.
  3. Tax consultant: A tax consultant typically works with many businesses and private clients to help them understand and take right action in the complex world of tax – from finding out the correct amount of tax to pay, for learning changes in the regulations in the domain of tax, and finding out the best ways to manage their tax.
  4. Financial Planner: Financial planners typically work with individuals and business owners to help them understand their financial positions and how to attain short-term and long-term financial goals. A financial planner also has to spend a significant amount of time gathering clients.
  5. Working with the Big-4: The Big Four are the four largest professional services networks in the world, offering audit, assurance services, taxation, management consulting, advisory, actuarial, corporate finance and legal services. The Big-4 firms are Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Price Waterhouse Coopers and KPMG. These firms always welcome young and talented accounting professionals.

By doing ACCA you will be eligible and qualified for performing in the above mentioned jobs. However, you should know that this list is not exhaustive. There are many more career options open for ACCA which are not listed here.

ACCA Global Jobs

One more advantage that you will get after qualifying ACCA is the chance to go abroad for ACCA global jobs.  You can get an ACCA global jobs in countries like Dubai, Pakistan, UK, South Africa, Bangladesh, USA, UAE, etc.

Here are opportunities for an ACCA Global Jobs in Different Countries.

ACCA job opportunities in India

In India ACCA qualified professional can be compared with Chartered Accountants (CAs). Hence, career prospects and salaries of an ACCA in India are similar to that of a CA. Big-4 consulting firms hire a lot of ACCAs every year. In MNCs like Microsoft, Nestle, P&G and PepsiCo ACCAs  are desired candidates for roles related to accounting. And the reason for the same is, the accounting practices followed in MNCs are IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). ACCAs are well versed with IFRS. Indian CAs has lesser knowledge about IFRS than ACCAs. Therefore ACCAs are most preferred candidates in MNCs.

ACCA jobs in Dubai

In Dubai there is a high demand for accounting professionals. You can expect an average salary of 100000 AED per annum as an ACCA fresher. If you convert it into Indian currency, you will earn around 17,44,214 P.A.. Dubai is now considered as the financial hub of the Middle East. According to a report by the IMF, Dubai’s financial sector is growing at a rate of 14% YoY. Hence the prospects are very bright for young ACCA professionals who wish to get ACCA jobs in Dubai.

ACCA jobs in Pakistan

In Pakistan the ACCA has the similar prospects as ICAP. If you are from Pakistan and want to go outside your country for employment then go for ACCA. ACCA will not only give you a global perspective of the accounting domain, but also it will help you in securing a job in places like Dubai, Hong Kong, and USA. You may also opt to join global accounting firms that are operating in Pakistan.

ACCA jobs in UK

ACCA is very popular in the UK. ACCA started in 1930 as the London Association of Accountants. Since then ACCA has gone a long way to make it the most respected qualification in the field of accounting. Not only in the UK, but in entire Europe, there is a huge demand for ACCA professionals. If you are an ACCA, then you can expect an average salary of £30,700 a year anywhere in Europe including the UK. That is equivalent to 25,48,001 Rupees in India.

ACCA jobs in South Africa

South Africa is a high paying destination for accounting professionals. An ACCA fresher can expect a salary of 3,00,000 ZAR per annum. This is equal to 14,62,223 rupees in Indian currency.

There are many other countries which give brilliant opportunities for accounting professionals like ACCAs. Some of the countries which missed the list are USA, UAE, Bangladesh, etc.



Having an ACCA certificate will give you global job opportunities. You may choose to move out of the country for a job or you may work in a reputed MNC inside the country. This is one big advantage associated with ACCA which is not there with the similar qualifications like CA and ICAP.


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