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ACCA Ireland | Careers and Opportunities


ACCA Ireland is well renowned and a lot of students enroll every year to learn and grow in career. It is fully recognized chartered certified accountant, ACCA graduates work in the industry and public property. The ACCA Ireland has 88,000 members and 90,000 students in 2016.


ACCA Ireland


ACCA Ireland has a different procedure for the resident student of Ireland and for the students who are non-resident of Ireland.

ACCA Ireland for students not resident in Ireland

A new immigration regime was introduced on 1 January 2011 for the students who wish to study in Ireland. Under this many rules were introduced regarding studying in Ireland for non-EEA (European Economic Area) students. It is unable to assist an individual non-EEA student, therefore, students must contact the Irish Naturalisation and immigration. ACCA global Ireland is much known and receives lots of enquiries from students who want to move to Ireland for ACCA exam. Full-time ACCA course is classified as a non-degree course by ACCA course Ireland.

ACCA Ireland for students resident in Ireland

Stamp 1A permission 

A non-EEA student who is resident in Ireland on a stamp 1A is allowed to work for full time and study for the ACCA on the part-time basis. Students must renew this stamp 1A if they are sitting for ACCA exams. For more details visit

Stamp 2 permission

For the non-EEA students who are Ireland resident on a stamp 2 permits to study for full-time ACCA exam. Students can transfer to stamp 1A if they complete all the fundamental exams.

ACCA courses Ireland

ACCA exam course comprises of two level with different modules inside these levels. Followings are the subject related to each module. ACCA course Ireland is similar to ACCA course over worldwide

Level 1: Fundamental level comprised of two modules

  1. Knowledge module comprised of three paper:
  • F1 (AB) Accountant in Business
  • F2 (MA) Management Accounting
  • F3 (FA) Financial Accounting
  1. Skill module comprised of six paper
  • F4 (CL) Corporate and Business Law
  • F5 (PM) Performance Management
  • F6 (TX) Taxation
  • F7 (FR) Financial Reporting
  • F8 (AA) Audit and Assurance
  • F9 (FM) Financial Management

Level 2: Professional level comprised of two modules

  1. Essential Module comprised of three paper
  • P1 (GRE) Governance, Risk, and Ethics
  • P2 (CR) Corporate Reporting
  • P3 B(A) Business Analysis

      2. Optional Modules comprised of four paper but you must select two from four. Hence you have a choice here

  • P4 (AFM) Advanced Financial Management
  • P5 (APM) Advanced Performance Management
  • P6 (ATX) Advanced Taxation
  • P7 (AAA) Advanced Audit and Assurance

ACCA exemptions Ireland gives exemption from the fundamental level of the ACCA exams if one possess Irish degree. For ACCA Ireland exemptions visit: ACCA Exemptions Calculator. For ACCA online courses Ireland and ACCA books Ireland click here

ACCA careers Ireland

ACCA careers Ireland gives plenty of jobs opportunities with good salary.

  • Northern Ireland’s export market has grown 6% in the past year due to this there are good jobs opportunities
  • ACCA Ireland gives great opportunity to work in financial services.
  • Accounts Administrator
  • Audit risk and compliance accountant.


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