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ACCA Jobs in Pakistan | Careers | Salary

ACCA in Pakistan – A guided path for your career

ACCA qualification is a well-recognised global professional accountancy course. Like many countries, it has marked its value and requirements in Pakistan.  At present 15% of the ACCA affiliates are from Pakistan. In this article we will be discussing ACCA in Pakistan – ACCA in Pakistan, ACCA jobs in Pakistan, ACCA salary in Pakistan, fees, etc.

acca jobs in pakistan

ACCA Careers in Pakistan

ACCA in Pakistan saw tremendous growth beginning in 2007, with thousands of students enrolling every year into ACCA programs. Local colleges and universities offer ACCA programs in all major cities. The MOU has been signed between ICAP and ACCA to enhance the existing academic recognition arrangements. This MoU helps students and members to earn dual qualification and membership on a fast track basis. An ACCA can work as an accountant, financial consultant, management consultant, financial planner, etc.

ACCA jobs in Pakistan

ACCA jobs in Pakistan have widely grown, especially with growing network of Big 4 companies and MNCs. With an increase in awareness about the ACCA exam and the expertise one gains from the qualification, the demand in the industry has increased exponentially. In coming years ACCAs will have higher demands as professional accountant and finance experts.

In Pakistan, the ACCA has the similar prospects as ICAP. If you are from Pakistan and want to go outside your country for employment then go for ACCA. ACCA will not only give you a global perspective of the accounting domain, but also it will help you in securing a job in places like Dubai, Hong Kong, and USA. You may also opt to join global accounting firms that are operating in Pakistan.

ACCA salary in Pakistan

ACCA qualification is well recognized in Pakistan among students. It has been almost 4 years since ACCA gained popularity. The ACCA salary in Pakistan ranges from Rs.3.6 LPA to Rs.8 LPA. The salary range may vary depending on the demand and skills needed.

ACCA Fees in Pakistan

Fees vary slightly from country to country. To know the exact break up of ACCA fees in Pakistan, visit here.