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ACCA Knowledge Level Exam | 2017-18

ACCA knowledge level is the starting level to get your ACCA qualification. Knowledge level consists of 3 paper.

ACCA Knowledge Level

ACCA F1 Accountant in Business (AB)

  • The knowledge about the business environment, the role of accountant and how accountant operates in an organization is dealt under ACCA F1.
  • It includes topics like leadership, teamwork, business stakeholders and external environment and what are the ethics in accounting and business
  • F1 paper is basic and necessary for the professional level ACCA P1 (Professional Accountant) and ACCA P3 (Business Analysis)
  • F1 ACCA Past paper link: Click Here


ACCA Knowledge

ACCA F2 Management Accounting (MA)

  • F2 ACCA exam deals with the nature and purpose of cost and management accounting, short term decision making and what are the cost accounting techniques.
  • ACCA F2 exam includes topics like performance management, budgeting and management information.
  • F2 paper is basic for the ACCA F5 (performance management), ACCA F9 (financial management), and ACCA P5 (advanced performance management.
  • F2 ACCA Past paper link: Click Here


ACCA F3 Financial Accounting (FA)

  • F3 ACCA exam paper gives knowledge about how to prepare a trial balance and basic financial statement. ACCA F3 exam also gives basic understanding of qualitative characteristics of financial information.
  • ACCA F2 exam includes topics like recording transactions, financial reporting and double entry and accounting systems.
  • F3 exam is essential for ACCA F7 (financial reporting) and ACCA P2 (corporate reporting).
  • F3 ACCA Past paper link: Click Here

ACCA exam Timetable

For ACCA F1 exam, ACCA F2 exam and ACCA F3 exam and also for the time zone refer to the following link: Click Here

Following qualification helps to get ACCA Exemptions. You must:

  • have Certificates and Diplomas (awarded by recognized institutions)
  • possess Foundation degrees
  • have Bachelor degrees
  • have postgraduate qualifications
  • possess professional qualifications.

You can exempt from ACCA Knowledge level paper (F1, F2, F3) and ACCA Skill level papers (F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9) but you cannot exempt from ACCA Professional level papers. To know if you are exempted from how many papers you can go to the following link and calculate the exemptions: Click Here

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