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ACCA Malaysia | ACCA Certified Accountant in Malaysia

ACCA is one of the most sought after qualifications in the field of Accounting and Finance. ACCA is an international body which conducts examinations and certifies professionals for their accounting skills and knowledge. Anyone who successfully completes ACCA gets recognition not only in Malaysia but everywhere on the globe. This article gives you all the information you need to know about ACCA Malaysia.

ACCA Malaysia

What is ACCA Malaysia Qualification?

In order to get ACCA qualification, one needs to pass the 14 papers categorized in knowledge, skills and professional level. Below mentioned is the ACCA papers list:

ACCA Malaysia

Upon passing 14 papers out of these 16 papers, one becomes eligible for getting ACCA certification.

ACCA Malaysia Membership Fees

The examination fees of ACCA are different for different countries. Here is the break up of ACCA Malaysia Fees:-

  • Initial Registration Fees – £79
  • Re-registration Fees – £79
  • Annual subscription- £95

Apart from this, you will also have to pay subject wise fees as well. Check the subject wise fees here.


ACCA Registration process:

Step 1-> Set up Account details

Create an account in ACCA’s official website i.e.

Step 2-> Your application

Here you fill up the ACCA form with your qualification and confirm your country of residence.

Step 3-> Fill Your details

Here you will give your further personal information like your address and employment details. You will register your mobile number for the SMS alerts.

Step 4-> Enter your qualification & Claim Exemption (if applicable)

Here you provide the details of your past qualifications. If you have some relevant qualifications in accounting in previously, then ACCA will exempt you from some exams upon claiming.

Step 5-> Upload Supporting documents

Here you will have to upload supporting documents like identity proof, proof of your qualifications and passport sized photo.

Step 7-> Your application summary

This is the final step of your registration process. Here you will see a summary of all the information you have uploaded till now.

Step 8-> Select Exam

You will be shown a list of exams you are eligible to apply. You have to select the exam and schedule it for any of the next two seasons.

Step 9-> Payment section

Here you make the consolidated payment for registration fees and fees for the exams you are appearing.

Step 9-> Confirmation

If you have made payment in offline mode, then you will receive the confirmation within next 20 days. Or else if you have paid online you will receive confirmation within 2 hours.


Career Opportunities after ACCA

  • Financial Accountant: An accountant is typically someone who is responsible for preparing financial statements for a company. A financial accountant can expect a salary of RM 50,000 per year in Malaysia.
  • Consultant/Freelancing: A financial consultant is someone who offers advisory services to business owners or companies. On an average you can earn RM 30,000 per year in this career.
  • Auditor: An auditor is an investigator who finds the inconsistencies in the cash flows of a company/business. An auditor can expect a salary of RM 45,000 per year in Malaysia.
  • Tax Consultant: Tax consultants are the domain experts of taxation. The advise corporate and individuals to better manage their taxes and find out options to minimize the tax payable for an entity. A tax consultant can expect a salary of RM 45,000 per year in Malaysia.
  • Management Consultant: Management consultants have the job to enhance the profitability of an organization.  This is a high paying and lucrative job. The average salary of a Management consultant in Malaysia is RM 1,00,000.
  • Financial Planner: They design the financial roadmap for a company. The average salary in Malaysia for a financial planner is RM 45,000.

ACCA really provides you  lot of career opportunities to grow and prosper. Young & bright students and professionals in Malaysia who wish to build a career in Accounting should consider becoming an ACCA member.

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