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ACCA Requirements – Important documents for application

While filling up the ACCA application form, ACCA body has made it mandatory for the students to provide the important supporting documents as ACCA registration requirements. These ACCA requirements are the very basic and are uploaded online at the time of registrations.

ACCA Requirements - Important documents for application

ACCA Requirements for ACCA registrations:

  1. One passport size photo is needed as ACCA registration requirements.
  2. Proof of identity is a must while doing the ACCA registration.
  3. The other ACCA requirements are address proofs and birth proof (pan card, driving license, Aadhar card for Indian students, etc.).
  4. For the students who are at the school level, they must provide Higher Secondary Certificate in order to register.
  5. Students who have completed their under-graduation or post-graduation must provide the supporting documents to claim exemptions.
  6. If the student has prior relevant work experience in either accountancy or finance, they must provide it as ACCA requirements.
  7. Proof of any other Professional qualification/Certificate can also be provided to get exemptions that are applicable.


These documents are supposed to be uploaded as step 6 at the time of initial registrations. The entire process of filling up the ACCA application and uploading the documents hardly takes 10 minutes.  If one applies they will need to complete ACCA application by making payment online.

The document file size must not exceed 2 MB. A maximum of 20 files may be uploaded as ACCA registration requirements. Permitted file types include:

  • Plain text files (TXT format)
  • Microsoft Word (DOC format)
  • Microsoft Excel (XLS format)
  • Images (in BMP, GIF, JPEG or TIFF format)
  • Adobe PDF

In case the documents are provided in another language that English, then the original document copy should be submitted. The candidate should also submit the English translation of the copy. Also, while fulfilling the ACCA requirements of documents, if any of it is missing, it can be uploaded later by saving the changes. But ensure that the ACCA requirements are fulfilled before submitting the form finally. Click here to begin your ACCA application.

In case you need any help while filling up the ACCA application you may contact our ACCA expert at

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