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ACCA Scholarship | What is it | How do I apply?

Here is a good news for those talented students who thought ACCA is too much expensive for them. There is a provision of scholarship for those students who are bright and talented. ACCA Scholarship will cover the Registration fees and Examination fees up to 5 years or until you become an ACCA member- whichever is earlier. The process for applying this scholarship is very simple. You just need to write and submit an essay of 1000 words to apply for this scholarship.

ACCA Scholarship

Simpson ACCA Scholarship

Every year Simpson College, Iowa, USA gives financial aid to lot many brilliant students all around the globe. Under that Scholarship program, the Simpson college sponsors the ACCA Fees of 5 brilliant students each year. Under the ACCA Scholarship scheme, the Simpson college will sponsor the ACCA Registration fees and ACCA Examination fees for next five years. However, if the student finishes the ACCA Qualification and becomes an ACCA member before five years, the Scholarship will cease to exist after that point of time. The deadline for applying ACCA Scholarship for this year is 2nd June 2017. 

How to apply for ACCA Scholarship?

  • To apply for ACCA Scholarship one must be eligible for applying for ACCA Qualification
  • Write an Essay of 1000 words
  • The title/topic of the essay should be ‘How the award of a Scholarship will help me to realize my full potential’.
  • The essay may cover the following points
    a. How your career will be impacted by the scholarship
    b. How you can make a contribution to your community by achieving ACCA Qualification
    c. Will the accounting industry in your country get benefited after you join the industry?
  • The essay should not be generic. It should have a personal touch in it.
  • It should be inspiring. This is the prime criteria on the basis of which all the candidates will be judged.
  • Submit the Scholarship Application by e-mailing it to


Essay Checklist

Your essay must:

  • be written in MS Word
  • Should have 1000 words at maximum
  • font size: 12
  • colour: black
  • spacing: double line
  • margin: 1-inch (2.5cm) all sides
  • page size: A4
  • include your student registration number, date and page number at the top of each page
  • the essay should be written in English
  • handwritten essays will not be accepted


If you think you have a wonderful story to tell then please apply for this scholarship. May be you are one of the top 5 who will get this wonderful opportunity.

Visit the official ACCA website for more information on ACCA Scholarship. Click Here

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