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ACCA study tips: Avoid these Worst Study Habits

Diversions can be troublesome while preparing for the ACCA exams. To prepare well, last minute preparation, last moment mugging-up, late nights can cause more harm than good. These are some of the worst study habits for anyone, and one of my best ACCA study tips for you will be to avoid these.
If you can learn how to successfully dodge these mistakes, then you will be able to utilize your time fruitfully.
In this blog, we have covered some of the worst habits with regards to study in ACCA and how to avoid them successfully.

ACCA Study Tips Regarding How To Avoid The Worst Study Habits

Reading too much too soon

When we start a course, it seems to us that we have plenty of time to prepare. But time flies. Suddenly, you will see there is an exam pressure and you need to memorize all the notes that you have and you have very little time left.
In ACCA, you need to have applied knowledge and not crammed knowledge. To avoid this, it is essential that you break the tasks into small portions and pursue them regularly. This way you get the time to revise the study material.

Unfavorable study atmosphere

This is probably the worst situation anyone can have while studying for ACCA. There are some who love to study in silence, while for some , noise is good for concentration. You have to find the best environment suitable for you to prepare for ACCA.

Burn-out while studying

There are two categories of people. One, who spend their time in social activities along with studies, often in collecting several ACCA study tips from others. And the other, who wants to spend there ever minute in studies. They are so absorbed in their studies that they do not have the time to spend in their social activities.
If you fall in the second category, the result will be acute stress and burn-out. You must remember that you should enjoy studying ACCA and not consider it as a punishment. Although your goal is to complete ACCA successfully, you need to have a social life as well. These activities would help you to de-stress while studying. You need to study regularly and in small portions.

Delaying your studying

So you have made yourself familiar with the ACCA exam requirements, and have chosen your study option. However, there may be a situation, when while going through your course notes, you plan to go online and wish to see certain aspects in the ACCA website. However, you end up spending time on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. The best way to avoid this is to remain completely offline, revise offline, remain offline. If you are online, either you need to have self control or use tools like FocalFilter in Windows or SelfControl for Mac that will help you from any distraction while you are studying ACCA. If you are using Google chrome, you have a free app called Stay Focussed that helps to block the sites that you do not wish to see for a particular period of time.
So these were some of the ACCA exam tips regarding how to avoid some critical mistakes that can waste your time.  You must avoid these, and stay focused during your preparations.