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ACCA UK | Careers and Opportunities


ACCA UK exam is for the students who wish to qualify as an accountant within the public practice, accountant in commerce and those who wants to work for the industry or the public sector.Students from all over the world prefer to study ACCA in UK.

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If you study ACCA in UK you come across smooth learning and transition and ensure that the learning experience will be positive.  Here you find all the information related to ACCA in UK and ACCA Salary in UK.

UK is a great country and studying ACCA in UK is fantastic but to study ACCA in UK to need to complete following steps:

STEP 1 – Choose a gold or platinum approved learning partner  

Choose a gold or platinum approved learning partner demonstrate ACCA performance target are met including consisting learning and exam results. Apply to a learning provider who holds a licensed for the ACCA course. Approved learning partner (ALP) are Highly Trusted Sponsor (HTS) and that they are a gold and platinum approved learning partner.

For licensed institutions visit Home Office UK Border Agency website.


Ensure you have necessary visa to enter the UK. All the student coming to the UK must demonstrate English at B-2 level which includes speaking, listening, reading and writing. On successful acceptance at improved learning provider, they will issue you with a confirmation of studying in the UK.

STEP 3 – Funding

Ensure that you have arranged maintenance fund and living expenses. For more information on this visit Home UK Website.

For support visit:

STEP 4 – ACCA UK Registration

For ACCA in UK you must register as a student with ACCA and get the correct exemptions. This will give you an idea that you study the right papers.


The course structure of ACCA is same worldwide. Click Here for the ACCA course in UK.


After completion of ACCA in UK, international students get back to their home country to earn relevant work experience to get ACCA membership. ACCA does not provide placement or work permit. It is the student’s responsibility to gain work experience.

There are lots of ACCA jobs in UK. You should ensure that you are entitled to work in UK. Some of the ACCA jobs are listed below.

  • accounts assistant
  • financial accountant
  • finance manager
  • finance director
  • management accountant
  • finance analyst.


For an ACCA degree holder, the range of ACCA salary in UK is between Rs.20 LPA to Rs.30 LPA, that means ACCA salary in UK per month stays in the range from Rs.1.6 lakhs to 2.5lakhs. Apart from this, there is provision for a bonus for ACCA’s working in the UK.

In case you need further help, you may contact our ACCA expert at

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