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ACCA vs CPA | Which certification is better for you?

Students generally have this doubt while choosing the right certification course. Both ACCA and CPA are well-recognized certifications across the globe. No doubt each qualification holders have great demand in the market and are highly paid. Even so, there are various factors that determine the selection of right course.   In this article, we shall be briefing about the courses in details. We hope this helps to understand, ACCA vs CPA, which certification is better for you?


ACCA vs CPA based on governing body

  • ACCA exam is conducted by Association of chartered Certified Accountant which is a global body. Whereas CPA is conducted by American Institute of CPA.

ACCA vs CPA based on Exam format

  • ACCA exam covers three levels: Knowledge level, Skills level, and Professional level. CPA has only one level to clear.
  • 14 papers have to be cleared to get ACCA certification. To get CPA certification, 4 papers have to be cleared.
  • Each ACCA paper is maximum 3 hours long. Whereas, CPA exam requires long 14 hours of sitting.
  • ACCA exam has 4 exam windows: March, June, September and December. CPA has is conducted in 10 out of 12 months.

ACCA vs CPA based on Fees

  • The exam fees required to get ACCA certification is $350 apart from exemption fees and exam entry fees.  Whereas, the exam fees required to get CPA certification is $3000.

ACCA vs CPA based on Work Experience, Salary and Job Location

  • To get ACCA certified one has to have 3 years of work experience is a relevant field. Whereas, to get CPA certified one needs to work under a licensed CPA for 1-2 years.
  • ACCA can expect an average salary of $60,000 whereas CPA can expect an average salary of $115,000. CPA vs ACCA salary depends on various factors like a company, region, demand, etc.
  • ACCAgives you the comprehensive knowledge about IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) which is used worldwide. CPA gives you a comprehensive knowledge of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) which is used in the USA.

CPA exemptions for ACCA or vice versa:

Students having prior certification can claim for exemptions in certain papers. CPA exemptions for ACCA can be similarly claimed.

Whether ACCA or CPA is a better qualification, the conclusion can be drawn based on your choice.  But we hope that this comparison has helped you understand both qualifications better.


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