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BPP ACCA | One of the best ACCA book publishers

We receive a lot of queries about which book to buy for ACCA preparation. We had written an article on all the good books that are available for ACCA aspirants. In this article we will feature one publisher, which has been a pioneer in ACCA book publishing. And the name of the publisher is BPP Learning Media. BPP Learning Media is well known among ACCA aspirants for its quality content. Many of the faculties and coaching centers ask their students to read BPP ACCA books. The best feature of the books by BPP learning media is that, they give you lots and lots of practice questions covering every depth 0f the syllabus. Let’s find out what are some salient features BPP ACCA books.



Salient points of BPP ACCA books

  • BPP books have very detailed text explaining concepts in great details
  • It is loaded with case studies to aid your understanding
  • Helps in quick grasping of concepts
  • BPP books are best known for its excellent texts on management subjects like the F5, P3, P5.
  • Most of the ACCA coaching centers follow the style of BPP ACCA books
  • Students often say that BPP books are best for Theory papers


Pricing of BPP ACCA books

BPP ACCA Books Prices
Paper Interactive Text Practice and Revision Kit i-Pass
F1  ₹ 1,996.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,856.00
F2  ₹ 2,136.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,160.00
F3  ₹ 1,881.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,097.00
F4  ₹ 2,373.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,097.00
F5  ₹ 2,458.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,160.00
F6  ₹ 4,800.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,856.00
F7  ₹ 2,452.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,097.00
F8  ₹ 2,433.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,856.00
F9  ₹ 2,667.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,097.00
P1  ₹ 2,430.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,856.00
P2  ₹ 2,746.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,160.00
P3  ₹ 2,689.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,097.00
P4  ₹ 2,457.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,856.00
P5  ₹ 2,460.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,097.00
P6  ₹ 2,609.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,160.00
P7  ₹ 2,648.00  ₹           1,178.00  ₹ 1,160.00

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Ideal Strategy for ACCA preparation

The ideal strategy for all ACCA aspirants would be to enroll into a coaching center and referring to text books side by side. If you are already having much experience in accounting then you should buy books of different publishers for different papers. For example, materials of F5, P3 and P5 papers are best written by BPP Learning media. Similarly, Kaplan ACCA books for papers like the F3 and F7 are considered best. So, choose wisely. But, if you are a beginner or relatively new to accounting (e.g. You don’t have qualifications like CA or MBA finance or CMA), then choose books of one publisher only. If you are buying Kaplan then buy all books from Kaplan. If you buy from BPP then buy all books from BPP. This will ensure coherency of the content and smooth flow of knowledge.


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