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How An ACCA Certification Can Benefit A CA

CA holders have a definitive benefit if they want to pursue an ACCA certification. They are exempted from certain papers if you are a CA. In this blog, we have covered everything you need to know about how pursuing ACCA benefits the career of an Indian CA.

The Benefits Of Getting The ACCA Certification For An Indian CA

As an Indian CA, you can get a range of benefits from pursuing ACCA. Firstly, pursuing the ACCA certification broadens the career options. You can take a variety of roles, work in a variety of industries and serve as an expert finance professional. You get a lot of flexibility since you need to sit for only 5 papers out of 14 in ACCA. The examinations are not held in groups and do not have a group cutoff unlike CA. Hence, once you clear a paper, you will not be required to sit for it again unlike CA.

Number Of Exemptions

If you have cleared Indian CA after May 2003 or is a passed finalist, you are exempted from 9 out of 14 papers of ACCA. In fact, you can simply start your ACCA qualification from the Professional Level and continue your ACCA membership in just 5 papers. If you have cleared IPCC, you are eligible for 5 exemptions.Depending on your previous qualifications, you may get other exemptions as well. Check the exemptions you can get on the ACCA exemption database.

Time Frame For Completing ACCA

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There are total 14 papers in ACCA. You can take the exams four times a year and take up to 4 exams in each session with a maximum of 8 exams in a period of 12 months . Therefore, keeping this in mind, you can finish the exams within 2.5 years. An Indian qualified CA can easily complete the remaining 5 papers in 6-9 months.  However, for becoming ACCA member, you need to have a 3 year or 36 months of practical experience which can be gained during or after completing your studies.
Completing ACCA after CA can definitely benefit your career in the long run. On this website, we have detailed blog about various aspects of ACCA and CA certification. You can browse and read about the same.

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