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Alternative Career options for MBA

Alternative Career options for MBA. So many students who are pursuing or completed MBA course are searching for Alternative Courses for MBA. So, today we are coming with the list of all the alternative courses available for MBA Course. Some of these courses may be the certification courses from the list we are going to provide. So, you can able to do some courses along with MBA. Know about some of the very important courses that a MBA student can study along with MBA (Master of Business Administration) Course. The clear details about this concept can be available from below.

Alternative Career options for MBA

Alternative Career options for MBA

We are here providing the best alternative courses available for MBA Students along with MBA Course. Lets check out one by one:

Final Course for Company Secretary (CS)
Final Course for ICWAI
Foundation Course for Company Secretary (CS)
Foundation Course of ICWAI
Intermediate Course for Company Secretary
Intermediate Course of ICWAI
M.A. (Hons) (Economics)
M.C.A. (Commerce)
M.Com. (Accountancy and Business Statistics)
M.Com. (Accountancy)
M.Com. (Accounting and Auditing)
M.Com. (Accounting and Finance)
M.Com. (Accounting and Taxation)
M.Com. (Advanced Accountancy)
M.Com. (Applied Economics)
M.Com. (Bank Management)
M.Com. (Banking & Finance)
M.Com. (Banking & Insurance Management)
M.Com. (Business Administration)
M.Com. (Business Finance)
M.Com. (Business Management)
M.Com. (Business Policy and Corporate Governance)
M.Com. (Business Studies)
M.Com. (Co-operative Management)
M.Com. (Computer Applications)
M.Com. (Computer Oriented Business Application)
M.Com. (Corporate Accountancy)
M.Com. (Corporate Finance)
M.Com. (Corporate Secretaryship)
M.Com. (Cost Control and Control Accounts)
M.Com. (e-Commerce)
M.Com. (Entrepreneurship)
M.Com. (Finance & Computer Applications)
M.Com. (Finance and Systems)
M.Com. (Finance and Taxation)
M.Com. (Finance)
M.Com. (Finance, Banking & Risk Management)
M.Com. (Financial Management)
M.Com. (Financial Risk Management)
M.Com. (Financial Services)
M.Com. (Financial Studies)
M.Com. (Foreign Trade Management)
M.Com. (Garment Production & Export Management)
M.Com. (Hons.)
M.Com. (Human Resource Development)
M.Com. (International Banking)
M.Com. (Management Accounting & Financial Strategies)
M.Com. (Management)
M.Com. (Marketing)
M.Com. (Sales & Marketing)
M.Com. (Statistics)
M.Com. (Taxation)
M.Com. (Tourism Administration)
M.Com. (Trade & Services)
M.Com. International Business
M.Phil. (Accounting)
M.Phil. (Business Finance & Economics)
M.Phil. (Commerce)
M.Phil. (Corporate Secretaryship)
M.Phil. (Operational Research)
M.Sc. (Banking & Finance)
M.Sc. (Finance and Computer Applications)
M.Sc. (Financial Economics and Administration)
M.Sc. (Financial Mathematics)
Master in Banking, Finance and Insurance
Master of Finance and Control (MFC)
Master of Investment and Financial Analysis
Master of Marketing Technology (MMT)
Master of Valuation (Real Estate)
MBA in Islamic Finance
Ph.D. (Banking & Finance)
Ph.D. (Business Economics)
Ph.D. (Commerce & Management)
Ph.D. (Commerce)
Ph.D. (Corporate Secretaryship)
Ph.D. (Financial Studies)
Ph.D. (Statistics)

Diploma Courses in Commerce

Diploma Courses in Commerce
Advance Diploma in Business Studies
Advance Post Graduate Diploma in Finance (APGDF)
Advanced Diploma Course In Banking Services
Advanced Diploma in e-Commerce
Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting & Taxation
Advanced Diploma in Taxation
Diploma in Accounting & Auditing
Diploma in Administrative Services
Diploma in Advance Accounting
Diploma in Advance Cost Accounting
Diploma in Banking & Finance
Diploma in Banking & Insurance Management
Diploma in Banking and Insurance
Diploma in Banking Laws
Diploma in Banking Management
Diploma In Banking Services
Diploma in Consumer Protection
Diploma in Customs and Central Excise – DCCE
Diploma in e-Commerce
Diploma in Finance, Budget and Accounting (DFBA)
Diploma in Financial Accounting & Taxation (DFAT)
Diploma in Financial Service
Diploma in Income Tax & Company Law (DITCL)
Diploma in Mother & Child Health & Family Welfare
Diploma in Operational Research
Diploma in Statistical Process Control & Operations Research
Diploma In Stock Analysis and Trading (DSAT)
Diploma in Tally Software
Diploma in Taxation
Diploma in VAT Rules & Procedures (DVRP)
Master Diploma in Software Technology
PGDAS – Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting Software
PGDBFM – Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Financial Management
PGDBM – Post Graduate Diploma in Bank Management
PGDIFA – Post Graduate Diploma in Investment & Financial Analysis
PGDPA – Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting
PGSCS – Post Graduate Diploma in Company Secretaryship
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Accounting & Auditing
Post Graduate Diploma in Accounts and Financial Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Ergonomics
Post Graduate Diploma in Banking
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Economics
Post Graduate Diploma in Capital Market and Financial Services
Post graduate Diploma in Development and Investment Banking
Post Graduate Diploma in e-Commerce
Post Graduate Diploma in Finance
Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Markets & Insurance
Post Graduate Diploma in International Financial Accounting System (PGDIFAS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation
Post Graduate Program in Financial Engineering (PGPFE)
Post Graduate Programme in Securities Markets (PGPSM)
Professional Diploma in Accounting

 Certificate Courses in Commerce

Certificate Courses in Commerce
ACCA – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Certificate Course in Office Automation
Certificate Course in Operations Research (OR) with Applications in Engineering and Management
Certificate Course in Applied Managerial Economics
Certificate Course in Banking
Certificate Course in Central Excise (CCCE)
Certificate Course in Derivatives
Certificate Course in e-Commerce
Certificate Course in Financial Accounting & Taxation (CCFAT)
Certificate Course in Financial Engineering and Risk Management – CFERM
Certificate Course in Income Tax (CCIT)
Certificate Course in Micro Finance
Certificate Course in Personal Management (CCPM)
Certificate Course in Phonetics
Certificate Course in Stock Market
Certificate Course in Tally
Certificate Course in VAT (CCV)
Certificate Course in Vedic Mathematics
Certificate in Accounting
Certificate in Accounting Technicians (CAT)
Certificate Programme on Capital Markets (CPCM)
Certified Management Accountant
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst
CIMA – Chartered Institute of Management Accountant
Industrial Trade Certificate (Fashion Designing)
Industrial Trade Certificate (Interior Designing)
Industrial Trade Certificate (Textile Designing)
Post Graduate Certificate in Investment Banking
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E-Commerce – A commerce that is transacted electronically over Internet is simply known as Electronic Commerce. EC functions through paperless exchange of business information using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and related technologies. The amount of trade conducted electronically has grown extraordinarily with wide-spread Internet usage. A wide variety of commerce is conducted in this way including electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange etc.

Commerce generally includes these components –

1.  Banking
2.  Mutual Fund
3.  Insurance
4.  Finance
5.  Chartered Accountancy
6.  Cost and Work Accountancy
7.  Corporate Administration
8.  Capital Market

CA CS CMA Free Lectures

The commerce study generally includes elementary banking and accountancy, general commercial knowledge, shorthand and typewriting. Some other study also includes theoretical economics including money and exchange. But the main part of the course is devoted to subjects like Business Organisation, Secretarial Practice, Commercial Geography, Commercial Statistics and Mercantile Law, Accountancy /Banking /Transport.

In the matter of employment a good number of candidates are offered positions, through campus recruitment, even before their results are declared.Career opportunities are ample in the fields of banking and finance, general management, civil services and academics.

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