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If you have reached this article, that certainly means you are a serious CA aspirant aiming to crack the CA final examination. We have brought together expert advice from reliable sources to help youthrough any CA Final Elective that you decide to go ahead with.

how to prepare ca final international taxation

The subject on International Taxation is an elective paper (Paper 6C in the CA Final examination).

As you proceed further, you shall read:

  1. All about International Taxation
  2. How to study CA Final International Taxation
  3. How to score well in CA Final International Taxation
  4. Online resources to prepare for CA Final International Taxation


All about CA Final International Taxation

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The subject of International Taxation is seen as a good option for aspirants who have pursued their articleship in taxation. One advantage of choosing this elective is that preparation for the next examination is also half-done if this elective is chosen. While the sixth paper is the elective, paper 7 for CA final is Direct Tax and International Taxation, so it is almost like killing two birds in one shot.

The major issue that CA aspirants talk about is the insufficiency of time for revision for the Direct Tax paper that costs them dearly in scoring. However, if elective 6 is International Taxation, 35-40% of the syllabus is already covered in the previous paper. This helps them get way ahead of the competition.

There are two parts the paper can be divided into-

  1. Taxation of International Transactions &Non-resident Taxation in India, accounting for 50 marks
  2. Other aspects of international taxation for 50 marks. The second part includes tax treaties, anti-avoidance measures, tax conventions, etc.

Transfer pricing, advanced ruling, taxation for foreigners, non-residents, primary/secondary adjustments are all common topics figuring in both paper 7 and paper 6C, which would make it an advantage in terms of scoring.

How to study CA Final International Taxation

We have put together tips to help you prepare better for the International Taxation paper:

  • You need to get comfortable with case study format and familiarize yourself with the methods of decoding case studies
  • The ICAI material is highly recommended and considered the best in terms of preparation. In an open case study format, it is important that one goes through the mock test papers and last years’ case studies to prepare well
  • Revision Test Papers – attempting previous papers is one way of gaining confidence as the new formats may tend to be confusing.
  • It is important to not get overwhelmed by unfamiliar formats/questions as undue panic can lead to a lot of wastage of time
  • Make notes while learning each chapter, since taxation is a vast subject and it is practically impossible to remember everything with a first reading.
  • Taxation by itself is a vast topic. Understanding the logic behind introduction of certain laws and postulates will help you retain the actual theory

study tips

How to score well in CA Final International Taxation

  • Being an open book format, the International Taxation paper is easy and tough at the same time.Use easy-to-locate tags and bookmarks for your notes and study material to help you search with improved efficiency during the examination
  • Write to the point, concise answers, using correct technical terminology
  • Underline keywords and structure answers the way they are structured in solutions provided by ICAI.
  • Citing current business scenarios is one way to demonstrate your learning and applicability of theory to practical world
  • Presentation makes a real impression. While answering correctly is important, how you present also matters. Structuring your answers into sections with headlines and highlighting important parts of the answer will create a good impression
  • Linking facts presented in the case study with existing laws, citing changes if any, will be a good showcase of your knowledge for the examiner
  • If you carry the right material along with you and know what to look for, the quality of your answers and strength of your arguments will ameliorate, ensuring that you score well

Online resources to prepare for CA Final International Taxation

Study Material can be accessed at: 

Study material:

Case studies and Solutions:

Question papers:

May 2019:

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Nov 2018:

May 2018:


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