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CA Final Important Questions | Topics | Chapters for May 2018

CA Final Important Questions, Topics and Chapter For May 2018 Exams

In previous post we have given Suggested Study Plan For CA Final and How to Pass CA Final in One Month Preparation. Today we are providing all CA Final important questions and topics for May 2018. See below for CA Final Group – 1 and Group – 2 important chapters and topics. ICAI has released IPCC Admit Card May 2018 & CA Final Admit Card May 2018. Download IPCC Admit Card May 2018 & CA Final Admit Card May 2018 from here. Here students can find CA Final Accounts Important topics, CA Final Financial Reporting, SFM important Small Questions and topics, Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics important topics, CA Final Law Important topics for exam and other CA Final Group 2 important chapters & Topics .

CA Final Group-1, Group -2 Tips, Important Questions, Chapters and Topics – May 2018

CA Final Group 1 Important Questions | Topics

CA Final Financial Reporting Important Questions Topics For May 2018

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Paper 1: Financial Reporting

1. Value Added Statements -Economic Value Added, Market Value Added, Shareholders’ Value Added
2. Share Based Payments – Sums on ESOP, ESPS etc (It can be covered from ICAI Study mat)
3. Miscellaneous Topics – Financial Reporting by Mutual funds, Non-banking finance companies, Merchant bankers, Stock and commodity market intermediaries + Human Resource Accounting
4. Valuation of Goodwill, Shares, Business, Brands etc ( V.IMP)
5. Corporate Restructuring – sums on capital reduction, demerger, buy back etc
6. Accounting for Financial Instruments (AS 30,31,32)-Sums on forex, derivative, call /put options etc
7. Amalgamation
8. Consolidated Financial Statements (Holding Company)

CA Final SFM Important Questions Topics For May 2018

Paper 2: Strategic Financial Management

1. Dividend Policy
2. Leasing
3. Merger, Acquisitions and Restructuring
4. Forex Management
5. Financial Services
6. Mutual Fund
7. Security Analysis
8. Derivatives
9. Portfolio
10. Capital Budgeting

CA Final Auditing & Professional Ethics Important Questions Topics For May 2018

Paper 3: Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics

Advanced Auditing

  1. Professional Ethics
  2. Standards on Auditing (SA)
  3. Accounting Standards (AS)
  4. Important Auditing Topics
  5. Less important Auditing Topics

Professional Ethics

CA Final Corporate & Allied Laws Important Questions Topics May 2018

Paper 4: Corporate & Allied laws

Directors Contracts and Expenses8 Marks
Company Loans and Guarantees to Director8 Marks
RBI Powers8 Marks
NRI Provisions in FEMA6 Marks
Draft Board Resolution5 Marks
CG Powers to appoint Nominee Director5 Marks
Women Director4 Marks
Relief against Mismanagement6 Marks
Declaration of Solvency4 Marks
Independent Directors5 Marks
Recognition of Stock Exchange4 Marks
Residential Status under FEMA5 Marks
Dominant Position under Competition Act6 Marks
Actions against Members of a Stock Exchange5 Marks

CA Final Group 2 Important Questions | Topics

CA Final AMA Important Questions Chapters May 2018

Paper 5: Advanced Management Accounting

1. Transportation Problem
2. Linear Programming
4. Simulation
5. Learning Curve
6. Developments in the Business Environment
7. Budget & Budgetary Control
8. Pricing Decision & Transfer pricing
9. Cost Concepts in Decision making
10. CVP Analysis and Decision making
11. Standard Costing

CA Final ISCA Important Questions Chapters / Topics May 2018

Paper 6: Information Systems Control & Audit

Business Governance Dimension5 Marks
IT Steering Committee5 Marks
COBIT 5 Enablers6 Marks
Management Practices for Evaluating Internal Control4 Marks
MIS and its Limitations5 Marks
Components of an EIS4 Marks
Transaction Processing Systems5 Marks
Preventive Vs Boundary Controls5 Marks
Data Integrity Policies4 Marks
Cyber Fraud Techniques5 Marks
Asynchronous Attacks4 Marks
Trojan Horse, Worms and Time Bomb4 Marks
Objectives of BCP5 Marks
Emergency Vs Recovery Plan4 Marks
Hot Ste Vs Warn Site4 Marks
DRP Document Features5 Marks
Spiral Vs Waterfall Model5 Marks
SDLC5 Marks
Characteristics of Good Coded Program4 Marks
Black Box Vs White Box Testing5 Marks
Activities involved in Successful conversion of IS4 Marks
Types of IS Audits5 Marks
Snapshots, Audit Hooks4 Marks
Continuous Audit Techniques5 Marks
Use of E-Records in Govt Organisations5 Marks
Section 69 of IT Act5 Marks
Vision of National Cyber Security Policy 20134 Marks
Service Strategy of ITIL4 Marks
Private Cloud5 Marks
SaaS Vs PaaS5 Marks
BYOD, Web 3.0, Hybrid Cloud4 Marks
Green IT5 Marks
Security Issues in Cloud Computing5 Marks

CA Final Direct Tax Important Questions Chapters / Topics For May 2018

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Paper 7: Direct tax Laws

1. Straight forward do case laws and amendments which are issues by ICAI. Marks covered 30-32 minimum even more.
2. Now do Capital Gain & Gift. Marks covered by this topic 15.
3. Now do Assessment procedure marks covered by this topic 10-15. And question on due dates of ITR will be surely asked.
4. Now do Assessment of Trust and Companies. 8-10 marks question will be asked in exam.
5. Now do small topics like Assessment of NR, DTAA, TDS etc. marks covered by this topics 10-12.
6. Now time to do 4 heads of Income. I know you all thinking 5 heads in last to friends just once check previous paper not much questions asked out of it. Ques.2 of paper will be of PGBP but it
contains all amendments so you can do PGBP from summary module.
Few Relevant amendments – Keyman Insurance Policy, Section 32AC, 36(1)(viia), 43(5), 43CA,Definition of Agriculture land & Capital Asset Sec.2(1A) & 2(14), 56(2)(vii), 80C & 10(10D), 80CCG, 80EE, Donation to National Children Fund (80G).
Note: It is my suggestion as well as request to all students that please solve each and every example given in Supplementary material related to amendments.

CA Final Indirect Tax Important Questions Chapters / Topics For May 2018

Paper 7: Indirect tax Laws

Important Theory Topics

  • Exemptions from GST
  • Place of Supply
  • Time of Supply
  • Value of Supply
  • Payment of Tax, Interest and Other Amounts
  • Penalties
  • Refund
  • Types of Duty
  • Valuation under the Customs Act, 1962

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