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How to Prepare for ‘Taxation- Direct & Indirect Tax’ : CA Intermediate and CA Final


If you are beginning your search to prepare for Taxation CA intermediate, this article should be helpful in giving you some tips to gain confidence in your preparation.


How to prepare for taxation in CA Intermediate exam, is a common question often asked by CA intermediate candidates. You would already be aware that Taxation is a highly scoring subject if you are strong with your fundamentals. The major problem faced by students preparing Taxation is the availability of multiple study material sources. Trying to decide which one to prepare from, takes up a lot of time. In any case, time is your primary resource and how you use it determines the outcome of your preparation.

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When you begin to prepare for Taxation CA intermediate, it is important to take into account the Subject and Practice manual given by ICAI, which is not to be overlooked at any cost. Some CA Intermediate taxation preparation tips are given below which are key to avoiding mistakes and ensuring a high score in the subject of taxation:

  1. How to study Taxation | CA Intermediate|CA Final – 5 Steps
  2. How to score well in Taxation |CA Intermediate | CA Final
  3. Additional tips for success

How to study Taxation | CA Intermediate | CA Final – 5 Steps

  • Step 1: Divide the subject into sub-topics and allocate time to each sub-topic. – This will help you gauge your progress vis-a-vis the scoring weightage for each sub-topic.
  • Step 2: Begin with Direct Taxes –When you begin to study CA Intermediate Taxation, cover the basic five heads of income as the subject is vast. Here’s a suggested flow: Income from house property → Capital Gains → Income from other sources → Income from business/profession → Income from Salary
  • Step 3: Move to Indirect Taxes. Practice Manual is your go-to-resource – Indirect taxes is easier to cover, and reading through the Practice Manual is the best way to prepare for Taxation in the CA intermediate exam.
  • Step 4: Pay attention to peripheral topics as well –Topics like Residential status, Provisions related to filing returns, TDS, Advance Tax, etc are quite crucial and cannot be missed
  • Step 5: Attempt Mock Papers – After covering both sections, you may revise from your notes and attempt mock papers to identify your areas of discomfort.

How to score well in Taxation | CA Intermediate | CA Final

  • While doing the direct taxes preparation, solve a few questions immediately after reading a particular topic to improve retention.
  • After practicing problems pertaining to different heads, attempting multiple problems related to total income will help you gain confidence on overall application of theory in Taxation.
  • While making copious notes is not possible during preparation time, do not fall on multiple sources of such notes as they may end up confusing you. While reading through the material and subsequently solving sums, you may note down tricky parts which you need to remember and revise at the end.
  • Any new amendments, such as those introduced in Capital Gains etc. are important and need to be known by every CA aspirant attempting the CA intermediate taxation paper.
  • Go through the illustrations provided in the study material. They can help you give an edge over many aspirants.

Additional tips for success

  • Ignoring smaller topics can come at great cost- remember to cover even the smaller topics like TDS, Provisions of filing returns, Exempt Income and the likes. These are easy ones and can be really scoring.
  • Watching Video lectures for a comprehensive revision of Taxation can go a long way in helping you score better.
  • If you are currently pursuing your articleship, it will be helpfulto relate your current company’s practices with what you are learning. It will help you retain the topics you study in Taxation for longer.
  • RTPs need to be taken seriously – they are rich sources of acing the CA Intermediate taxation subject.

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