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CA IPCC Important Questions, Topics and Chapter For May 2018 Exams

In previous post we have given Suggested Study Plan For CA IPCC and How to Pass CA IPCC in One Month Preparation. Today we are providing all CA IPCC important questions and topics for May 2018. See below for IPCC Group – 1 and Group – 2 important chapters and topics. ICAI has released IPCC Admit Card May 2018 & CA Final Admit Card May 2018. Download IPCC Admit Card May 2018 & CA Final Admit Card May 2018 from here. Here students can find CA IPCC Accounts Important topics, CA IPCC LAW, Ethics And Communication important Small Questions and topics, Costing & FM important topics, CA IPCC Taxation Important topics for exam and other CA IPCC Group 2 important chapters & Topics .

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CA IPCC  Group-1, Group -2 Tips, Important Questions, Chapters and Topics – Nov 2017

CA IPCC Group 1 Important Questions | Topics


CA IPCC Accounts Important Questions Topics For May 2018

Paper 1: Accounting

1. Partnership Accounts

2. Not-for-profit organizations

3. Amalgamation

4. Hire purchase and installment system ( now it is not very much)

5. Single Entry System (Accounting from incomplete records)

6.Accounting in Computerized Environment continuously asked in last 8 attempts )

CA IPCC Law, Ethics and Communication Important Questions Topics For May  2018

Paper 2: Busiess Laws, Ethics and Communications

  1. Companies Act 1956: Article of Association, Memoradum of Association, Share capital, Deposites and General body Meeting
  2. Business Laws: Contract Act 1872 (CPT’s basic concepts, Indemnity and guerentee, Special contracts); EPF and Misc. Act (Most IMP)
  3. Business Laws: Nagotiable Instrument Act (Discharge related points, basic points of the Act) ca ipcc important questions

Payment of Bonus and Gratuity Act (Most IMP)

  1. Business Ethics: Corporate governance and CSR, GTI, Conservation of Natural resources, Consumer Acts cosumer related matters, Fundamental principals relating to ethics, Ethical threats, Ethical dellemas.
  2. Communications: Drafting deeds (Most IMP), Types of communication, Grapewyn communication.

CA IPCC Costing and FM Important Questions Topics For May 2018

Paper 3: Cost Accounting and financial management

Part 1: cost accounting

  1. Process costing
  2. Contract costing
  3. Marginal costing (may be with operating costing)
  4. Standard cosing (may be with budgetary control)
  5. Intigral and non-integral accounting OR Labour

Part 2: financial management

  1. Cost of capital
  2. Capital structure
  3. Capital budgeting
  4. Sources of finance (for theory)
  5. Working capital OR Leverages

CA IPCC Direct and Indirect Tax Important Questions Topics May 2018

Paper 4: Taxation

Part 1: Income Tax

  1. Profit and gains from business profession (IMP this time)
  2. Capital gain ca ipcc important questions
  3. Income from the head Salaries(Most IMP this time)
  4. TDS provisions (Most IMP for practical life)
  5. Deductions (IMP evergreen)

Part 2: Service Tax and VAT

  1. Services (Amendment related matter must)
  2. Provision related to service tax (for theory)
  3. VAT-Cenvat credit
  4. VAT-Input vat credit

Here also i’m giving Downloading links of study materials, practice manuals and other useful files.

CA IPCC Group 2 Important Questions | Topics

CA IPCC Advanced Accounts Important Questions Chapters May 2018

Paper 5: Advanced Accounting

  1. AS
  2. Insurance comapnies’ financial statement
  3. Banking companies financial statements
  4. Branch accounts OR Dept Accounts
  5. Advanced issue in Partnership or Amalgamation (if asked in 1st group then chances to ask by them is 70:30)

AS- 5,11,16,20 & 26, Amalgamation and conversion of partnership firm, ESOP, Buy Back (Theory most probably), Underwriting, Debenture redemption reserve, Internal Reconstruction, Insurance (Theory or P& L Account), Banking (P&L Account or Provision), Electricity (Depreciation), Foreign Branch and Liquidation.

CA IPCC Auditing Important Questions Chapters / Topics May 2018

Paper 6: Auditing and Assurance

  1. Intro of Audit (with relevant SAs relating to this chap)
  2. Basic concept of Audit (with relevant SAs relating to this chap)
  3. Company audit CA ipcc important questions
  4. CARO related provisions
  5. Special audit

SA – 200, 230, 240, 315, 520, 540, 570 & 710.
AS – 1,2,4,6 & 10.

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Special Audit – NGO, Cinema Hall, Educational Institution, Hotel & benefits of audit of partnership firm.
Vouching / Verification- Stock with third party, Motor Car, Travelling Expenses, Scrap Sale, WIP, Hire purchase, Rental Receipt.
Genera Topics – Allotment of Shares (As per co. act 2013), Section 180 & 182 of Co. Act 2013, Buy back provisions as per Sec.70 of Co. Act 2013, Audit Evidence, Audit Documentation, Audit Trail, Joint Auditors, Limitations of Audit, Error of commission, Audit programmer, Accounting assumptions.

CA IPCC IT and SM Important Questions Chapters / Topics For May 2018

Paper 7: IT and SM

Part 1: Information technology

Ch 1 – Need of BPM, Challenges in implementation of BPM, Success factors of BPR & ER Diagram.

Ch 2 – BPM (Phases and its benefit) , Steps in BPA, DBMS (Advantages and disadvantages), Tablet, i-pad, i-pod, wifi, UMPC.

Ch 3 – Advantage of computer network, Components of Telecommunication Network, LAN, VPN, Star & ring topologies (Advantages and disadvantages), Synchronous v/s. asynchronous, Transmission modes, Circuit switching, Factors responsible for vulnerabilities, Encryption, Firewall.
Business use of Internet and risk in e-commerce.

Ch 4 – TPS, OAS, MIS, DSS & its component, Components of SCM, Core banking system & its element & Approaches to access control.

CH 5 – BPA & its objective, Control objectives, Process control, Grid computing, Cloud computing & its advantages.

Part 2: SM

  1. Formulation of functional stretagies
  2. Strategy implematation
  3. Reaching the strategic edge
  4. Bus environment/ Stretagic planning

Note : This article’s main intention is helping avg. students who are getting just pass marks. If you want to get 60+ marks then it is better to prepare full syllabus of CA IPCC. All the best

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