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How to write CA IPCC exam papers (Group I)

Subject-wise Tips and Tricks

With CA IPCC  Nov 2020 around the corner, the last 3 months for preparation should be devoted to learning certain tips and tricks which will help you score much better during the exams. Certain Do’s and Don’ts on how to write CA IPCC exam papers, if taken into consideration, can make your preparation for CA IPCC one month before exams more rewarding.

  1. General tips for CA IPCC preparation
  2. How to write CA IPCC Accounting paper
  3. How to write CA IPCC Corporate law and other laws paper
  4. How to write CA IPCC Cost Accounting and Financial Management
  5. How to write CA IPCC Taxation paper

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General tips for CA IPCC Exam preparation

  • Prioritize subjects in which you feel you are weak to ensure you at least score above 50 in all. Then work on your core competencies.
  • Treat study material provided by ICAI as the bible. Never skip that.
  • Use standard terminology while answering questions instead of using layman language.
  • Start every new question from a fresh page.
  • Always use the reading time given at the beginning of the paper. Have a structured approach about how to attempt the paper. Begin attempting mock tests with the same approach that you will follow during the main examination.

How to write CA IPCC Exam Accounting paper

  • Do’s
  • Presentation of answers matters. Use the only black or blue pen for writing. Also, underline relevant points or provisions. Highlight properly any cases that you mention in your answer.
  • Write narration for every journal entry.
  • Distribute questions category wise based on your capability of attempting it correctly. Start with the set you are most confident about.  
  • Accounting standards are to be studied very carefully. While it may seem old-school, learning some standards word by word helps to score better. Approximately 20 marks questions come from this chapter.
  • Try to always mention the relevant section. Make it a habit. This will pay off in the long run when you attempt the CA final exam.
  • Refer to the online CA IPCC Accounting course for a quick revision.
  • Don’ts
  • Do not waste time in revisiting the answer you write for every question. The paper is very lengthy and you will not have much time left in hand.
  • Don’t write the name or number of accounting standards until you are 100% sure. Otherwise, the examiner will give you 0 marks even if your explanation is right.
  • Allocate time to each question wisely and don’t drag too much on any one question.

How to write CA IPCC Exam Corporate law and other laws paper

  • Do’s
  • While writing any practical answer from Law, divide it into paragraphs. In the first, write the provision from the Act, and quote the section number or reference to the act (only if you know it correctly). In the second, explain the provision written in the first paragraph. And, In the third, explain how your answer is related to the question given. In the fourth, give a conclusion to the question.
  • Always try to finish 100% of the paper. Once you get the paper, allocate time for each question so that you can complete the paper on time.
  • Go through the amendments. They are extremely important.
  • Don’ts
  • Never use short forms or abbreviations.
  • Don’t write lengthy answers. Keywords are the main parameter for scoring marks. Write to the point and about what is asked.
  • Don’t write paragraph chunks without underlining or without dividing it into sub-points.

How to write CA IPCC Cost Accounting and Financial Management paper

  • Do’s
  • Before the exam, make a sheet where you write all the important formulas and concepts. Revise this a day before the exam. The visual memory will help you recall better during the exam.
  • Practice all the questions given in the study material provided by ICAI.
  • Solve at least two papers within the time frame in the last 1 month before exams.
  • Don’ts
  • Don’t study theory and numerical separately. When you finish understanding a concept, practice the corresponding practice numerical.
  • Don’t practice new numerical questions a day before exams. You might end up panicking unnecessarily.
  • Don’t do 100 sums of one concept. Just do a maximum of 8-10 sums from one topic and move on.
  • Don’t jump to solutions. You need to write and present the step by step solution.

How to write CA IPCC Taxation paper

  • Do’s
  • For taxation, conceptual clarity is extremely important. Last few days before the examination, understand all concepts properly
  • Write to-the-point answers and avoid lengthy ones.
  • State assumptions wherever required.
  • Don’ts
  • Don’t skip the sequence of the chapters given in the study material while studying. Every chapter is linked to the next.
  • Never misquote a section number.
  • Abbreviations are a strict no. (Example: No ST for Service tax.)

We hope all the above tips will give your preparation for CA IPCC a boost. SuperProfs wishes you all the best for the exam!

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