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CA Exams will be Tough From 2016 | Said by President of ICAI

Recently President and Vice President of ICAI have taken a Google Hangout with students. In this Google Hangout they have discussed about CA new syllabus 2016, Applicability of CA new syllabus 2016, Changes in CPT exam from 2016, Why many students didn’t pass in their 1st attempt and given some tips to pass CA exams. Here I have written only 25 min conversation of Google Hangout. If you want entire conversation, i have given youtube video of Google Hangout at the bottom of this post. So you can watch the entire Google Hangout conversation of President and Vice President of ICAI. You can read the speech of CA. K. Raghu President, ICAI from below. Remember one thing that i didn’t add any opinion of mine. I have written the speech only what CA. K. Raghu President, ICAI said. If you have any doubt, you can watch video at the bottom of this post.

Read the entire speech in the words of CA. K. Raghu President, ICAI

I am happy to inform you that we are launching the new curriculum in 2016(CA New Syllabus 2016) that is our plan, the new curriculum is the initiative to see that you are able to buildup curriculum i;e modern and global.

We are hopeful that we will able to get permission of the government to introduce CA new syllabus 2016 and once we get the permission from the government then we will able to launch CA new syllabus 2016. I would like to inform all the students for your concern, you will continue in the current scheme. Don’t get any confusion. We will give ample opportunities (Some Fixed Number of Attempts) to complete the CA exams under the current scheme.

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So students who are under the current scheme can complete the course under the current scheme. We will give sufficient number of attempts to complete the CA exams in old scheme . Then you will migrate to CA new syllabus 2016. So there is nothing for you to bother about whether new syllabus 2016 is applicable to you or not. As you know it is a long process and this process takes time, government approves takes time to implement. So you just focus on your current scheme.

Present CPT exam is under objective type only. From 2016 it will become both Descriptive and Objective type. we will give further details as soon as possible.

CA exams are very tough ?

Friends I can only say that CA exams are very tough. you need to put a lot of effort. Many students asked me that from when ca examinations are continued to be tough, I always tell them I qualified as a chartered accountant in 1990 when the pass percentage is 2.6 now pass percentage is 7.4 and last time it’s 3.6 I can give one strong message to students that CA exams are tough and it continue to be tough is a message which I have to give all of you.Its not like that im frightened you im just trying to ensure that you mentally prepare for this tough examinations. Because friends, to pass CA exams, you need to put a lot of hard work and only putting hard work you will be able successfully qualify this exam.

Some tips you need to follow

  1. 1st prepare ICAI study material and practice manual well.
  2. please use 15 min time before exam to identify easy questions and tough questions. Start attempting easy questions then go to tough questions.
  3. step wise marking is introduce for the benefit of students. So don’t get bother when your balance sheet didn’t tally in exams. If some part of the answer is wrong and some part of the answer is correct, you will get step wise marks up to your correct answer in all subjects.
  4. some of the policies you have to follow to pass CA exams
  • You need to be hard working. If you want to pass CA exams you need extremely hard work. If you have casual effort you are not able to pass CA exams.
  • You need to be committed. Commitment is very essential, without commitment you won’t pass CA exams. For example if you set alarm at 5’0 clock, you will start your studying at 6 am.
  • Passionate. Don’t do this course for your parents. You will be passionate on this course.
  • Less use of social media. Today many students spending lot of time on social media like facebook, whats app. So don’t waste your valuable time by using these social networks.
  • Health is very important. Many students don’t sleep properly. It is very essential. Follow proper diet plan. Go for walk. Do some meditation and yoga.

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Sir! I have continuously failing in my ca exams and totally disappointed in life im clueless and do not know what to do ? plz guide me

I can only tell all such students who are written the ca examinations, who are not qualified, who have passed in only one group, some students have passed both groups and some students have only passed one group in ca final. This is very natural, this the one course where students have passed CA IPCC and CA Final in their 1st attempt very limited number of students, huge people any of your friends, they took 4 to 6 years. Don’t loose patience. You have patience because I already told that this is tough professional examination and at the moment you become a chartered accountant the entire society will respects you.

Conversation between Mahendra Singh Dhoni and CA. K. Raghu President, ICAI

I would like to end this with a positive note stating that when I was traveling from banglore to delhi, I had an opportunity meeting Mahendra Singh Dhoni the captain of Indian cricket team , he was sitting next to me I said im so lucky to sit beside captain of Indian cricket team. I introduce my self as a chartered accountant giving a card of me as a President of ICAI,  Mr.Dhoni was so happy said that your profession is going to extremely well, your profession is having a lot of roads to economical develop of the country.

So what I mean to say that entire society looks upon us. So much recognition of us. If you take success story of Dhoni, he was a railway ticket collector in West Bengal’s Kharagpur and his passion was to become a cricketer and as you know today he is the captain of Indian cricket team. He got lot of challenges and finally he became the Indian cricket team captain.

So one important message to all of you is that, you need a patience you need to put a lot of hard work you need to be passionate, you need to be committed.

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And its question of time, some will pass in 3 years and some will pass in 5 or 6 years. Don’t bother if you have failed in 1 or 2 attempts.

What is very important is every time , you should check

Did you put well for the subject ?

Did you put extremely hard work ?

Did you attempt case studies ?

Did you refer ICAI study material, practice manual, suggested answers, RTP ?

Did you understand the subject ?

So prepare well. Patience is important. If you have patience, one day you will become a CA.

Watch Entire Google Hangout about CA Exams From Below


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