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Study Plan For CA IPCC | Prepare IPCC in 3 months


How to Pass CA IPCC Exams Group 1 and Group 2 or both Groups in First Attempt Easily| Study plan for CA IPCC

Some CA IPCC students asked me “How to prepare CA IPCC exams in just one month or 20 days”. Definitely its not possible to complete CA IPCC exam in just one month or 20 days. In recent Google Hangout with ICAI president, he said that CA exams will be tough from 2018.

study plan for ca ipcc

In Nov 2017, ICAI declared very low pass percentage that means we have to do more hard work. I’m not saying its very tough to crack CA IPCC exams. I’m saying that “Yes! you can pass CA IPCC exam, if you have conceptual knowledge with effective preparation only. So, here we have scheduled an effective study plan which will help you out.

To get conceptual knowledge, you should follow proper study plan from 3 months. CA IPCC Exams are coming closer. So we have sufficient time for exam preparation. ICAI already declared that CA IPCC results Nov 2018 is declared on Jan 2019.

Here we are giving CA IPCC Study plan for CA IPCC Group 1 / Group 2 / Both groups preparation in 3 months. Just follow this study plan, you can crack your CA IPCC exam in your 1st attempt easily. If you are clever student, you can adjust this study plan from 3 months to 2 months. There are 3 revisions in this study plan !!

Here we are giving study plan for 2 and half months. We can definitely complete our preparation in 2 ½ months very easily. In this 2 ½ months preparation you have to do 3 times of revision for CA IPCC exams. The study plan for CA IPCC exams preparation is as below.

Study Plan For CA IPCC Exams

1. A student is required to prepare thoroughly for examinations well in advance and to devote at least two hours daily for studies while undergoing Articled Training.

2. During leave period at least 14 to 16 hours’ hard work is required.

3. Avoid mobiles, internet and television as far as possible.

4. Students must study from study material and do practice from practice manual. Wherever a particular topic or point is not clear, a student may refer to a standard text/reference book.

5. Students should refer suggested answers of questions set in last five/six examinations and Revision Test Papers. It is strongly recommended to solve the questions first without referring to solutions and then comparing the answers with the solutions given. Such an approach would help in knowing point of mistake and presentation pattern of an answer.

CA CS CMA Free Lectures

6. In law papers, Section and its provision is to be given correctly. If a student is not sure about the Section number then he should not quote the same.

How to Pass CA IPCC in First Attempt Easily

Get up early in the morning at 4 AM. Be ready by 5 AM. This period (4.00 AM to 6.00 AM) is called ‘Brahma Murat’ and studies done during this period cannot be forgotten i.e. they remain in memory for long.

Study Plan for CA IPCC – 1st Revision

No. of days = 45 days ( One Month + 15 Days )

Daily preparation hours = ( 12+1 ) = 13 hrs.

You have to complete your 1st revision in first 45 days and also you have to complete full Syllabus of CA IPCC in your study material.

Here study material means your own class notes/tutorials own material or any preferred publishers publication. Even you can prepare both CA IPCC study material and practice manual of ICAI.

Study Plan For CA IPCC – 2nd Revision

No. of days = 15 days

Daily preparation hours = ( 12+1 ) = 13 hrs.

You have to complete your 2nd revision in next 15 days and once again you have to complete full revision of your study material which was you prepared in 1st revision. But this time you should prepare both CA IPCC study material and practice manual of ICAI.

Note : Preparation of ICAI Study Material and Practice Manual is must and should. You can easily get 40 marks with direct questions coming from ICAI Study Material and Practice Manual. So you should do this in 2nd revision.

Study Plan For CA IPCC  – 3rd Revision

No. of days = 15 days

In this 3rd revision there is no particular time table. Just concentrate on your weak areas of subjects. Once again revise all subjects which were you completed in last 2 months(1st and 2nd revisions). This time you should prepare previous question papers with suggested answers, revision test papers, mock test papers and model test papers.

Here we are providing every subject “All in One” for CA IPCC Students. This “All in One” contains Latest Study Material and Practice Manual in English and Hindi, Reference Books, Mock Test Papers, Model Test Papers, Revision Test Papers, Previous Exams Question Papers with Suggested Answers, Important Notes with Latest Amendments, Changes Applicable for May 2018. Click below links to see !!

Group – 1

CA CS CMA Free Lectures

IPCC Accounts Latest Notes | Standards | Amendments

IPCC Law Ethics and Communication Amendments | Fast Track Revision Notes

IPCC Costing and Financial Management Study Material | Formulas Notes

IPCC Tax Amendments Applicable | Changes | Latest Notes

Group – 2

IPCC Advanced Accounts Amendments | Changes in Syllabus

IPCC Auditing Amendments | Standards Notes in Single Page

IPCC Information Technology and Strategic Management Important Topics | Amendments

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Few Important Links for CA Students

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CA IPCC Papers & Mock TestsCA IPCC Study PlanCA IPCC Suggested Answer
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