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CFA – Top Benefits and Job Opportunities in India

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is a financial course for those who want to make a leading career in banking and finance. In India, it has lately been getting recognized as one of the most trusted financial markets certifications – that’s because the course covers extensive modules dealing with the modern financial market trends, challenges, and requirements.

With an extremely well formulated curriculum, this certification is internationally acclaimed as a professional certification across financial and accounting domains.

CFA is appropriate for candidates seeking substantial financial career options. Recognized in about 140 countries around the globe, CFA is a trusted course for starters as well as experienced candidates in the financial sectors.

Career opportunities for CFAs

There are a number of financial career options for CFA certification qualifiers in India. In fact, the students also stand a chance to settle abroad as the course is internationally renowned and acceptable. Here are some of the positions that CFA qualifiers can aim for:

  • Portfolio manager
  • Research analyst
  • Private banker
  • Fund manager
  • Financial analyst/advisor
  • Relationship manager/Sales and marketing
  • Trading/broking/strategist

After choosing a suitable domain, the qualifiers can work across a myriad of industries. It is certainly not necessary that people holding CFA certifications only limit to the financial industry. In fact, finance and accounts specialists like CFAs are high on demand across all verticals.

Why choosing CFA course is beneficial?

With scarcity of proper financial planning help, CFA certificate holders can enjoy all these benefits:

Remuneration: Financial planning, strategy, and analysis is what every company looks for – with such high demand, CFAs are paid handsomely.

Reputation: The exams are challenging and demand serious devotion because of the tough curriculum and course material. The qualifiers are considered to be apt for all finance related matters and that’s the reason why they enjoy a distinct reputation across various industries.

International acceptance: Since the course is duly accepted all around the world, the candidates have the choice to settle in a place of their choice.

Diverse industry choice: Financial expertise is high on demand and that’s the reason why every industry type needs an expert advisor.

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CFA course is certainly one of the best financial certification courses available for professionals or students looking for financial career options. It helps build a strong foundation and opens doors for immense opportunities not just in India, but across the world with ample choices and benefits in hand.

More Details about CFA and Eligibility

The CFA certification is available through the Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst of America. It helps candidates acquire theoretical and industrial skills as well as industrial ethics of the financial markets.

It also equips you with strong analytical as well as financial portfolio management skills – providing a strong base for an outstanding career growth. Students looking for bright commerce careers or courses after graduation in commerce can go for CFA certification, without even thinking twice.

MBA pursuers, CA aspirants or CA dropouts, commerce students or even IT professionals involved in financial technology are eligible for the course.