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CFA Exam Total Expense (Training & Certification Cost)

While enrolling for CFA exams, a candidate must pay program enrollment fee (one-time) and  exam registration fee.

You are required to pay one-time program enrollment fee of USD 450 while registering for CFA Level 1 exam

Examination costs vary depending on the date when the application is submitted. The fees for the examination is provided below:

Early registration fee 650
Standard registration fee 930
Late registration fee 1380

The examination fees are fully refunded within two business days of making the payment. Post that, the examination fees in non-refundable even on medical grounds. The enrolment and registration fees are non-transferrable. In some cases, deferrals of registration are considered only when it involves a life-threatening disease, a serious illness, natural disasters and mandatory military service. However, this is considered only on a case to case basis and the discretion entirely lies with the CFA institute only. All deferral requests have to reach the CFA institute at least 10 U.S business days before the examination. All fees due to any curriculum change have to be borne by the candidate in case of deferrals.

Classroom Vs Online

Comparison and Benefits

To train for CFA, one can either take online training or go for classroom training. The CFA institute itself offers online training in a web based environment. Offline training courses are usually conducted by institutes which have experience of training candidates for the CFA. The CFA Institute has various courses where practical materials are shared and practitioners provide guidance on various subjects. A candidate can also access learning history and download materials.

Today, the world is going digital and so is learning. Since online training is provided through the web, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, unlike classroom training in which case candidates have to be present in person. Hence, online training provides more flexibility than classroom trainings. Moreover, online trainings involve videos and online sessions provided by experts which is available to candidates round the clock. Through online trainings, a candidate can access expert advice irrespective of their geographic location. Online courses can be downloaded and accessed offline from anywhere.

Training through online videos also helps someone save time in travelling to classroom training locations. Video recordings are simple to understand and can prepare a candidate as well. Finally, a video recording or online training can be accessed any number of times while classroom trainings are available only once at the time when the training happens. So in many ways, online trainings score much higher than classroom trainings.

Training for CPA is crucial since the examination is a tough one to clear. Since the world is going digital, CPA training can be done in both online and off-line formats. There are a number of online training courses available which can prepare you well for the upcoming examinations. The most famous online training courses include Wiley CPA Excel, Surgent CPA review, Roger CPA review, Yaeger CPA review, Gleim CPA review, Fast Forward Academy and Becker Professional Education. They have been rated as the best CPA online training courses for 2017. Becker Professional Education has been certified by the Big 4 companies as being the best. The lecture is an interesting, they have very experienced teachers, and contain various task-based simulations to prep you up for the D day. Most of these institutes offer courses to video lectures, the hours of which vary from one provider to another. Roger CPA Review and Yaeger CPA Review also offer off-line study options, but with a payment of extra fees.