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Results Date

The CFA examination of the June 2017 session is scheduled for 3rd June 2017. The examination results for Level I and Level II will be available in July 2017 and Level III will be available in August 2017. However, the exact dates of the result announcement have not been revealed.

The examination for December 2017 is scheduled on 2nd December 2017. The results will be emailed and will be available online on January 2018. The exact dates of the results have not been announced by the CFA institute.

Passing Rate Past

As mentioned before, CFA is a difficult examination to pass and the rates of clearance decrease as the levels increase. Below are the last three year’s passing data of the examination. The data reveal that the passing rates have been more or less consistent over the past years.

LEVELS 2014 2015 2016
Level I 44% 43% 43%
Level II 46% 46% 46%
Level III 54% 53% 54%