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Get Qualified To Enter The World Of Highly Rewarding CFA Careers

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification is one of the most prestigious and sought after qualification in the world of finance. With business becoming very complex it is important that data is collated, analyzed and presented to the right people so that they can take the best decisions to take the company forward. This is not a very easy task since making sense of the vast repository of data is a challenge in itself. The CFA course enables the students to analyze and present data meaningfully. This is why many people are now preferring to go for the CFA careers.

If you are a student who is looking for an entry into the world of finance or a seasoned professional who is stagnating in your job and want to move forward, the CFA career path is going to be ideal for you.

Qualities That Employers Look For

Before discussing what you will gain by pursuing the CFA designation, let us look at the essential attributes that employers look for in a job candidate. Essentially there are 4 qualities that are necessary for getting any job:

  • Knowledge and domain expertise: The candidate needs to have at least the basic knowledge of the work that he has to do. If the candidate is experienced, then he/she is expected to have relevant hands on knowledge and even advanced knowledge in working in a similar role.
  • Intelligence: The candidate needs to have the intelligence of understanding the nuances of the job being offered to him. We should also be forward thinking and not carry any baggage of a past experience which will become a hindrance in his performance.
  • Willingness to stay updated: The world of finance is extremely dynamic and in order to stay relevant the CFA candidates have to stay updated at all times. Unless they do so they will become irrelevant in today’s world.
  • Experience: For many positions, especially the senior level ones, the companies will look for a relevant experience of a few years of working in various positions in other organizations.

What The CFA Qualification Gives You

 Now let us look at how the CFA qualification, how it can help you to fulfill the requirements of the employers, and get into the path of highly rewarding CFA careers.

  • Knowledge and domain expertise: The CFA course imparts to the candidates a broad range of portfolio management and investment analysis skills. The contents of the CFA course very comprehensive and naturally every CFA certified candidate has to gather the necessary knowledge and domain expertise that is required for passing the CFA exams.

Out of the hundreds of candidates who appear for the CFA examinations every year only a few are actually able to clear the examinations. This speaks volumes about the knowledge and domain expertise of those who are certified. The rigors of the CFA course in itself is a testimony to the fact that the candidates are intelligent, and have the ability to assimilate information in the right way which has helped them to pass.

  • Intelligence: The CFA exams are very tough, and the fact that the candidate is certified speaks volumes about his/her intelligence. This makes them uniquely qualified to handle the challenges of their work.
  • Willingness to stay updated: The CFA institute itself conduct several continuing professional education programs to upgrade the knowledge of the CFAs. Apart from this, most of the candidates keep themselves updated and learn new techniques and concepts it will help them to do the job in a better way.
  • Experience: One of the main conditions of enrolling in the CFA program is to have a professional work experience of at least 4 years in a role that required them to be involved in the investment decision making process. Otherwise, they can also process a combination of professional and university experience of 4 years.

So naturally, the employers remain satisfied that the CFA charter holders are not rank freshers but have the relevant experience in some field of the other. This gives them the confidence that the CFA charter holders will be able to settle down easily in their organization and will progress steadily in their CFA careers.

The World Of CFA Careers Is Large

The CFAs are widely respected worldwide for their portfolio management, investment analysis, and decision making skills. This makes the CFA charter holders a highly sought after breed of professionals and a wide range of companies compete with each other to recruit them. These companies belong to the following industries:

  • Hedge funds
  • Asset management companies
  • Investment banks
  • Wealth management companies, etc.

The designations at the commonly get include:

  • Private bankers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Fund managers
  • Fund of fund managers
  • Financial advisor
  • Relationship managers
  • Financial strategists
  • Financial analysts
  • Investment analysts, etc.

So now you can see how lucrative the CFA careers are. You can dedicate a few years of hard work to get yourself CFA certified and then become eligible to tap into the wide range of CFA career opportunities that are available today. This will be the best step you can take to build a better future for yourself.