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Choosing The CIMA Career Path Can Make Your Future Stronger

The CIMA qualification has been the preferred career choice of students for nearly a century now. It was introduced in the year 1919 in the united kingdom and since the more than 227,000 across 179 countries have chosen the CIMA career path. Every year thousands of students appear for the CIMA examinations and pass it to get the prestigious certification. It also serves as a gateway to acquiring the prestigious Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) qualification.

The CIMA Career Path

If you are a student of a working professional who is looking for a great career in finance then the CIMA qualification should be your preferred choice. There are several benefits associated with this course and irresistible CIMA career opportunities are available for students who are interested in getting a qualification which is both globally recognized and also highly dynamic in nature.

When Can You Enroll For The Course?

To make it easy for students to get started, CIMA has made the entry routes for the course quite straightforward. You can start the course right after completing your 10 + 2 examinations. This option will ensure that you will get an early start and will not have to wait till you complete your graduations. This can save a precious 3 years of your life.
If you are not from the accounting background then you can join the CIMA Certificate In Business Accounting (Cert BA) Course, which will help in building your concepts in accounting and get you ready to study for CIMA.

Benefits Of CIMA

There are several advantages associated with the CIMA certification. These are:

  • Get a globally recognized qualification: The CIMA qualification is recognized in more than 178 countries across the world. It is a much sought after qualification which many companies look for. Thus by completing the CIMA qualification you will get global mobility and would not have to worry about what will happen if you decide to shift to another country in the future.
  • Boost your career: The CIMA qualified candidates work in various job roles as commercial and financial analyst, financial manager, financial controller and financial director and even as CFO. Reaching these senior levels would be impossible for those who do not possess the CIMA qualification. The CIMA career growth potential is one of the biggest reasons for choosing this qualification.
  • Gateway to the CGMA qualification: CIMA serves as a route for acquiring the prestigious Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) certification. The CGMA qualification can add more value to your resume and give you better acceptability among the employers.
  • Join a premium alumni base: By becoming a CMA you can join an elite base of 2,27,000 members spread across the world. This number is continuously growing. Together they contribute significantly to the advancement of the profession and getting better recognition for the certified members. They also regularly help each other out. Every CIMA qualified professional gets access to this elite community. You can actively use this community for networking and will have ready help at hand whenever you need it.
  • Get access to members support: CIMA provides priority support to its members and students. By qualifying as a CIMA, you will get access to members only resources, expert support, and career guidance.

Careers Prospects

Every company that exists in the world today needs people with the knowledge and skills related to finance. The CIMA qualification provides a necessary commercial knowledge and practical skills that a required to make a mark in the financial world, and get set into a really high flying CIMA career path.
CIMA qualified employees work in responsible positions in various companies across the world and are actively involved in strategic planning and execution. They are required to take important decisions that can change the fortunes of their companies and drive them on the growth path.
The CIMA qualification will help the freshers to get an entry level opportunity in various companies. They will definitely get preference over the noncertified candidates who also apply for the jobs. The qualification can help experienced professionals to also boost their careers. There have been many instances when employees who were stagnating in their earlier jobs have completed the CIMA qualification and got really exciting and lucrative job opportunities in other companies as well as a promotion in their existing ones.

Salary Potential

The 2016 CIMA Salary Survey conducted by CIMA shows that the worldwide average salary of CIMA members is £68,647.
You can also start earning even before you complete your CIMA course. The aforementioned survey shows that even the students pursuing CIMA draw an attractive average salary of £27,146.  It is a lucrative option which many students go for. It also helps in acquiring valuable practical experience alongside their studies, and also in getting paid for their services.
The popularity of this course and the CIMA career path is ever increasing and its member base is also growing at a healthy pace. You can qualify as a CIMA to become a part of this elite group and to get a highly rewarding and lucrative future for yourself.