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5 Useful Resources To Help You With Your CMA Revision

IMA provides unmatched support when it comes to providing useful resources for CMA revision to the students of the CMA course. It ensures that the students never feel alone while undergoing the difficult path of earning the CMA certification.

However, to make your preparation more robust, you can use some additional resources too. Today we will be talking about those resources that will make the task of becoming a CMA smoother for you.

5 Useful Resources For CMA Revision

1. Instructor-led online live classes

The CMA study materials provided by IMA are quite comprehensive and should form the basis of your preparations. However, it never hurts to get extra help for understanding the topics and concepts contained in this syllabus, many of which can be extremely difficult to understand through self-study.

CMA Free online Lectures

An easy way to learn is to enroll in an instructor-led live class. These are very similar to the regular classes that are held in classrooms, but with the major difference. Instead of teaching in a physical classroom, the instructor teachers in a virtual classroom in an online live class.

This is extremely convenient since you don’t have to travel to any classroom and can learn from any place that is convenient for you. The other advantage that you can get access to professors who may be situated in another city altogether and get to learn from them. Online live classes can be good for your initial studies as well as for your revision

2. Online recorded videos

One problem with the instructor-led online live classes is that these are held as per the particular schedule and all the students are required to log in at a predetermined time to attend the classes. If you are a working professional or just simply do not need a live class, you can opt for revising through online recorded videos instead of choosing the live classes.

Educational institutes like provide CMA preparation and revision courses featuring eminent professors who have created online recorded videos for the benefit of the students. These videos are generally highly optimized and play well even on mobile devices and mobile apps on low connections. Online recorded videos in able you to revise for CMA whenever you get the time, around the clock.

3. Question bank

After you have completed your studies, it is time to test how good your preparation is. Research has shown that the human brain tends to forget most of the information that it has gathered within 48 hours of reading it unless there are a constant revision and testing of the concepts learned. 

Thus, simply studying for hours before the examination will not help. You need to regularly test your understanding by solving as many multiple choice questions as possible.

For this, you will need to get access to a question bank and practice mock tests that you need to attempt under examination conditions. You need to also look at the past question papers to understand the type of questions that are asked. You can buy the question bank from a bookstore, or get access to an online question bank provided by

4. Calculator

Here is one of the most important CMA exam tips for you. In the examinations, you will have to face a lot of questions which will contain numerical problems. Solving these will definitely require you to use a calculator.

Make sure that the calculator that you will use in the actual examinations is the one that you practice with. The regulations framed by IMA provide that only specific models of calculators can be used in the actual exams. Buy one of those at the very early stages of starting your preparation and familiarize yourself with its functions thoroughly. The complete list of calculators can be found in the CMA Handbook.

If you use a calculator of another model during CMA revision, then you will face problems in adjusting to a new calculator during your examinations and may lose valuable exam time. So ensure that you use a single calculator throughout to avoid problems related to an abrupt change in calculators.

5. Community support

Being social is one of the highly effective CMA exam tips that you need to follow. The best friend that a CMA student can get is another student who is going through the same course. You can find and hang out with them on various online forums and communities that bring the students who are preparing for the CMA examination together.

These forums and learning communities are hosted by several independent websites as well as several educational institutes who provide coaching for CMA preparation. On these forums, you will also find several qualified CMAs who are out there to help out the students in need. You can get expert help, tips, and tricks for CMA preparation and exam strategies from them.
Become friends with other students and discuss your doubts and CMA revision and study plans with them once in a while.

This will help you to understand what they are doing and to gather useful nuggets of information that can prove to be invaluable for passing the CMA examinations. In turn, you can share your wisdom which will be beneficial for them. Together you will continue to learn and grow.

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