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Additional qualification courses for CMA

Here we are providing the best additional qualification courses for CMA in addition to it which gives more value for your professional study. So, if you are looking at the best additional qualification courses for CMA after CMA or along with CMA, you are at the right place to know about the best courses.

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Here we are coming with the list of all the additional qualification courses available for the CMA Course. Some of these courses may be the certification courses from the list we are going to provide. Let’s check all the additional courses, certification courses, diploma courses relate to commerce and are related to the CMA course from below.

Additional Qualification Courses for CMA

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We are here providing the best additional qualification courses CMA. Let’s check out one by one. There are various courses that a student can pursue CMA. As explained above additional courses should be such which complements your CMA qualification as the case may be.

Options with CMA Course

CMA is a commerce-related course so if you want to add an additional qualification with CMA you should do a course that helps you to grow as Commerce professional. Rest is dependent on your choice and vision. Details of courses to be pursued with or after CMA are as follows:

i. MBA Finance

With CMA you may go for MBA Finance from a reputed and recognized university, institute or college. MBA Finance will complement your CMA qualification wonderfully. MBA Finance will help you to develop different administrative skills which when merged with your financial skills will put you to a different level altogether. With MBA Finance qualification you’ll be able to portray yourself as a professional having top management strategic, financial, business administration and business development knowledge and understanding.

ii. CS, CA , CFA (India), CFA (USA), CMA (UK)

All these courses are long term duration and it will take more than 3 years’ time to complete them. In the Indian context, out of these courses, most preferred courses are CS and CA. You may easily find students who are doing CA and CS simultaneously. CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. The combination of CA+CFA is good in case you have an interest in Investment Banking and Portfolio Management.

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CPA, CFP, CIA (USA), CISA, etc. are medium-term duration depending upon the devotion and your level of knowledge and interest.

Certification Programmes: There are many certification programmes like, CIFRS, NCFM, CMA (US), etc which you can pursue along with CMA qualification.

Certification courses offered by ICMAI: There are various certification and post qualification courses offered by ICAI which are available at the link mentioned below:

Short-Term Certificate Programs

Diploma Courses

Career After CMA intermediate but in CMA Final

Here are some of the very best options for Career after CMA intermediate:

There are many courses available which you can pursue with CMA. However, the choice and decision depend upon many factors like interest, duration, cost, time, devotion, etc. depending upon your circumstances.

Career After CMA intermediate Some of them are –

  • CS, ICWA, CFA, CA. these are Long term duration with more than 3 years.
  • CPA, CFP, CIA, CISA atc. are medium-term duration depending upon the devotion and your level of knowledge.
  • Further, there are many certification Programmes like CIFRS, NCFM, CMA (USA), etc.

Select the depending upon your field of interest and personal circumstances.

  • The combination of CA+CFA is good in case the interest is for Investment banking and Portfolio Management.
  • The combination of CA+CPA is good, in case interest is in Accounting and Auditing field.
  • The Combination of CA+CS is also good.
  • The combination of CA+CS is helpful in the long run to grab top opportunities at the management level. CS is a very good combination with CA as far as course content and understanding the corporate environment is concerned.
  • If you are having CS qualification then you can easily and confidently handle or administer secretarial work/department along with the account work/finance department.these are some of the suggestible options for Career After CMA intermediate

Also, focus on the opinion below:

In today’s time, simply ICAI membership only is not enough. To improve the chances of getting a quick job after receiving ICAI membership following practical things are necessary to be considered:

Career After CMA Intermediate-added advantageous course:

  • More than a basic understanding of accounting.
  • Good knowledge of ERP, Tally, SAP, IFRS, MIS working environment.
  • Understanding of working as a finance part.
  • Good and practical knowledge of Taxation.

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FAQs regarding additional qualification courses for CMA

What are some job roles that qualified CMAs are offered?

Qualified CMAs can work in several roles. Some examples include:
1) Junior Associate, Associate, or Senior Associate
2) Investment Analyst or Investment Associate
3) Financial Controller
4) Finance Manager
5) Cost Accountant or Management Accountant
6) Financial Analyst
7) Taxation Officer
8) Chief Financial Officer
9) Chief Operations Officer
10) Financial Planning Officer
11) Inventory Manager

What is the salary that qualified CMAs can earn?
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The salary that qualified CMAs earn depend mainly on two factors – which company they work for and how good their academic credentials are. If you’ve only cleared your CMA and join a start up, you can expect a starting salary of about 5LPA. On the other hand, if you work for a tier-1 management consulting firm and have cleared your CMA in the first attempt with a top All India Rank, you can get a salary of more than 20LPA. If you clear your CMA in multiple attempts without an AIR, you can get the highest salary by joining a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) where you can earn 10-12LPA.

What are some additional qualifications for CMA students?

There are a number of courses that you can pursue in addition to CMA. Some examples are:
1) MBA (preferably in Finance)
2) CS, CA , CFA (India), CFA (USA), CMA (UK)
4) Certification Programmes like, CIFRS, NCFM, CMA (US), etc
5) Certification courses offered by ICMAI

Can I practice independently as a self-employed CMA?

Yes, you can practice as an independent CMA. It is advisable to first work with a company to build a clientele or network of connections. Or, you can join someone who is already working as an independent CMA to learn how to onboard and manage clients. The earnings in this venture vary widely.

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