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The Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA) course is part of the toughest trio of educational pursuits in India which includes Chartered Accountancy (CA), Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA), and Company Secretary (CS) courses. While CA is touted as the most difficult course in India by many, the CMA isn’t much easier.

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If you are studying to become a Cost and Management Accountant (CMA), it is imperative that you study so that you can clear all three levels (foundation, intermediate, and final) in the first attempt itself. Not only do first attempt graduates have access to better employment opportunities after finishing the course, but they also enjoy unrivaled respect among peers and subordinates as CMA much like CA and CS is a course that many fail to clear in the first attempt.

Are you wondering how to maximize your chances of clearing the CMA course in the first attempt? If yes, this article is for you, so read on!


Know your ‘Why?’

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Why do you want to become a CMA? Is it because of the huge earnings they can enjoy? Or is it because your parents want you to? Or is it because of the respect from the society? What is the reason that drives you to study for the CMA course?

If your answer is something like, “my parents want me to become a CMA”, or “CMAs have lucrative salaries and careers”, or “there is going to be a lot of scope for CMAs in India in future”, then I am sorry to say, but your motivation is not clear enough. Money and respect can be earned in nearly any field, so why restrict yourself to CMA?

However, if you want to become a CMA because you enjoy working with numbers and financial information, that is a valid reason because CMA is all about that. If you are studying CMA because you love the subjects and can visualize yourself practicing them happily for a lifetime, you are on the right track.

Be Selective

CMA is a tough examination with a vast syllabus and a limited period of time to study for it and crack the same. However, a quick Google search will expose you to so much of study material be it guides, notes, e-books, or whatever else that you will need years to go through and finish all of that. But our time is limited, right? Yes.

So, that’s why you have to be very selective of what you study. And that’s where SuperProfs comes in. SuperProfs offers everything you need to clear your CMA examinations in 1 attempt under a single roof including HD quality video lectures, doubt clearing sessions with instructors, premium quality study material prepared by experts, chapter summaries in both digital and printed forms, and best of all, unlimited viewing!

We even offer you a free trial so you can decide whether you want to buy our services or not. So, go ahead and check out CMA Foundation Online Coaching, CMA Intermediate Online Coaching, and CMA Final Online Coaching depending on your level of exam.

Remove Distractions

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CMA conducts examinations two times a year including in June and December. Unless you are taking (or have taken) a complete year to study for either attempt (June or December), you must know that you have no more than 4-5 months to study for the examination and prepare yourself.Honestly, 4-5 months might sound (or seem) like a lot of time in the beginning, but very soon one realizes that it isn’t enough to cover the syllabus unless study is the only primary activity for the person.

So, how do you maximize your time? By cutting out distractions. Whether you clear all three levels of CMA course in 1st attempt or not completely depends on your environment. And your environment is created by the things and people you have inside it.

Birthday parties? Weddings? Social events? Say NO to all of it.

WhatsApp messages? Mute them.

Tempted to check your smartphone? Switch it off and put it in your drawer.

Family problems? Pack your tiffin and go to a library.

Now, this might sound like a HUGE sacrifice, and we are not saying it’s not, but if you want to clear CMA without any repeat attempts, you MUST do this. The next time you think of doing any of the above mentioned, just know that there is another student who is working much harder than you, and eventually, they will take your dream job.

Would you let that happen? No? Alright, start by cutting off distractions RIGHT NOW.

Stay Positive, Stay Motivated

This is a no-brainer. While preparing for any challenge in life, a positive mindset is essential to ensuring one’s success in overcoming it.The case is no different with CMA. If you are appearing for the CMA examinations for the first time, you will most likely be worried or downright scared looking at the syllabus.

And that’s OK. Fear and stress can attack the best of us, but what matters is that you do something about it. If you feel stressed with CMA exam preparation, be sure to check out SuperProfs’ article on how you can handle exam stress effectively.

Also, there is another big enemy that can completely destroy your chances of clearing CMA in the first attempt – lack of motivation. Every student no matter how dedicated must have felt bored of studying at some point; however, unless you get to studying, your chances of passing the examinations on the first try are going to be severely affected.

Feeling bored? Check out how you can study without getting bored and apply those tips to your preparation.

Write, Write, Write

cma study prep strategy | cma clear first attempt 2019

Many CMA students make the huge mistake of thinking they can learn a chapter just by reading and reciting the information loudly. And that is a BIG MISTAKE on their part.

This flawed thinking comes from the school levels wherein a lot of students who are now studying for CMA may have cleared their examinations simply by memorizing information and not bothering to practice them by writing.

However, make no mistake; there is a whole world of difference between school examinations and CA, CMA, and CS examinations. CA, CMA, and CS are all extremely demanding courses that require students to not just remember information but also present it in a pleasing manner in their solution sheets.

After all, no company would want to hire a messy Cost and Management Accountant who could not present the financial information in a tidy and easy-to-understand manner.

Hence, in the CMA examinations, presentation of information matters a lot. Students who know how to solve the questions but do not have the required writing speed may end up creating a mess while writing their papers. This can make the job of the paper checker harder, and they might simply give a ‘0’ to the student if they cannot make out what they have written.

To avoid losing precious marks that can cost you a rank as well as your attempt (possibly), practice by writing as much as you can. The more you write, the faster you get at it.

Be Consistent

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Finally, the most important tip to clearing CMA examinations in 1 go is to be consistent with your preparations. Too many students start studying with a lot of enthusiasm about the course, but as the days pass by, their motivation levels decrease considerably to the point where they discontinue studying altogether and waste their time in other activities.

As humans, our motivation tends to decrease exponentially over time if we do not pay close attention to it. Check the graphs below:

The left graph represents the motivation level of those who are not serious about the CMA examinations and start studying with a lot of interest, but every passing day become more and more bored of it (if this sounds like you, read how you can study without getting bored right now!)

The right graph on the other hand represents the motivation level of those who are determined to become CMAs in their first attempt itself. While the first graph starts at a much higher level of motivation, it soon dies out as seen in the graph. The second graph does not start at a level as high, but it stays consistent across the whole period.

To clear the CMA examination on first attempt, you need to make sure that your motivation does not decrease over time.

Points to Remember – Clear CMA in First Attempt

Clear CMA First Attempt 2020

To clear the CMA examination in the first attempt, you need to:

  1. Know why you are studying for the CMA course and make sure that you are genuinely interested in the subject
  2. Be selective about what material you refer for your CMA examination preparation
  3. Ruthlessly eliminate both things and people from your surroundings who can distract you from your goal of clearing the CMA examination in the first try itself
  4. Maintain a positive mindset about the examination and be confident in your abilities to crack it
  5. Practice studying by writing as much as you can to increase your writing speed and hence improve your overall presentation
  6. Be consistent in your efforts; Rome was not built in a day, nor will your future.

All of those points can be easily implemented if you have the right guidance for your CMA examination preparation. We at SuperProfs specialize in helping students crack their CMA examinations in the first attempt itself; if you would like to be one among them, do view our demo CMA lectures and you will definitely benefit from them no matter whether you are studying for CMA Foundation, CMA Intermediate, or CMA Final.

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You can watch a few demo lectures by SuperProfs for CMA and see if you would want to consider subscribing to our video series for a better shot at clearing the CMA examination.

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