Prepare your CMA Final exam with SuperProfs CMA final Study Plan| CMA Final is the vast course, so it is easy to lose track of time while preparing for one subject and forgetting the others. You need to allocate defined hours for each particular topic every day.

The Well structured CMA final study plan for CMA Final Exam will help you to score high in the exam. However, for clearing the exam, you need to stick to your schedule.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

By Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Prepare your CMA Final exam with SuperProfs Study Plan

The next CMA final exams will occur on November 2019, so you have enough time to roll up your sleeves and start preparing accordingly. This study plan will tell you how much time you should contribute to each subject. The organized way of learning and practicing will help you in your preparations for the CMA Final Exam.

We have already mentioned the CMA Foundation and CMA Inter Study plan earlier.

Now for the CMA Final Study plan, here is the information below:-

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1. CMA Final Preparation Tips

2. How to utilize time during the holiday

3. Study Plan for CMA Final – 1st Revision of 2 months

CMA Final Preparation Tips

1. A student is required to prepare entirely for examinations well in advance and to devote three hours daily for your studies while undergoing Articled Training.

2. Avoid mobile phones, the internet, and television as far as possible.

3. Go through CMA Final Study Material, Revision Test Papers, Mock Papers, and Practice Papers and solve all the questions.

4. Give priority to your weak subjects and allocate more time to those subjects.

5. In the case of theory subjects, focus on understanding the concepts thoroughly and its application. In the case of numerical subjects, such as accountancy, costing, and mathematics, focus on understanding the methods, formulae and format of presenting the solution.

How To Utilize Time During Holiday

5 AM –  7.00 AM Read Theory
7 AM – 7.30 AM Breakfast Time
7.30 AM – 10.30 AM Read theory
10.30 AM – 11.00 AM Relaxation Time
11.00 AM  – 1 PM Do/solve practical problems.
1 PM – 2 PM Lunch Time
2 PM – 3 PM May take short sleep
3 PM – 5 PM Do/solve practical problems.
5 PM – 5 PM    Have a break.
5.30 PM – 8 PM Read theory.
8 PM – 9 PM    Dinner Time
9 PM – 11 PM   Do/solve practical problems
11 – 5 AM Take your sleep

CMA Final Study Plan – 1st Revision of 2 Months

No. of days = 60 days or 2 months

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Daily preparation hours = ( 13+1/2 + 1/2 ) = 14 hrs.

Subject Daily preparation time for each paper Total Hrs.
Refer previous day’s revision (in the early morning ) ½ hr x 60 days 30 hrs
Corporate Laws & Compliance 2 hr x 60 days 120 hrs
Strategic Financial Management 2 hr x 60 days 120 hrs
Strategic Cost Management – Decision Making 1 hr x 60 days 60 hrs
Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation 2 hr x 60 days 120 hrs
Corporate Financial Reporting 2 hr x 60 days 120 hrs
Indirect Tax Laws & Practice 1 hr x 60 days 60 hrs
Cost & Management Audit 2 hr x 60 days 120 hrs
Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation 1 hr x 60 days 60 hrs
Full day revision (Before going to bed ) ½ hr x 60 days 30 hrs
Total 14 hrs. x 60 days 840 hrs.

This CMA final study plan is for the last two months before the exam. Also, it will help you to use your very crucial time effectively. Proper and prolific utilization of this time is essential to clear your exam in the first attempt. So to prepare a valuable study schedule, time management is necessary. You have to grant the most favorable time allocation to each subject.

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