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CMA Career Opportunities Can Get You To The Six Figure Salary Levels

Are you striving for more in your career, both in terms of remuneration and prestige? Then becoming a CMA may be your right choice. It will open many CMA career opportunities and give you the right financial freedom. Once you complete the CMA certification, the dream of earning a six figure salary will turn into an instant reality.
So here are a few things that you should expect once you complete the CMA certification:

You Get To Earn More

CMAs have more earning power than the non-certified peers. But no one actually knows the volume of such earning power. Well, CMAs make about one third more per year than other non-certified accounting professionals. Young CMAs less than 29 years of age have the potential to earn 96% more than the non-certified professionals.

More CMA Career Opportunities

Obtaining a CMA certification is a winning ticket to a long term established career and a plethora of CMA career opportunities. The certification will distinguish you from your non-certified peers and you get access to wider career opportunities that will pay you highly and will be more flexible.
CMA is definitely the most recognized global management accounting certifications which will add value to your resume. As per IMA, 80% CMAs feel that their certification has given them access to a world of opportunities in various arenas of professional life- executive leadership, accounting, operation, finance, IT to name a few.
The job profiles which open up the door to a six figure salary includes Corporate Accounting, Finance, Budgeting and Planning, Education, Information Systems, General Management, Internal Auditing, Taxation and much more.
As per popular surveys, the starting CMA Accounting salary in the US is USD 39,000. CMAs are employed by both large multi-national corporates and small firms alike. Popular brands which employ CMA in the US include Cummins Inc, Eaton Corporation, Johnson and Johnson, Verizon Communication Inc, etc.
If you are a budding accounting professional, pursuing a CMA certification will definitely be the right choice for you. In this website we have all the information that you might need regarding pursuing a CMA course. Browse our website to learn more.