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How Much One Can Expect

The CMA certification opens the possibility of getting significantly higher salaries and better career growth. Multiple surveys have been conducted by IMA on the salary trends of its members, all of which have shown that there is a significant difference between the salaries currently being drawn by the CMA’s and non-CMA employees.

While there is a wide difference in the pay scales of CMAs in the different countries, the overall earning potential is quite high. As per the IMA Global Salary Survey 2015, on a global level, the CMAs command an average salary premium of 61% compared to non-CMA employees working in the same or a comparable position. This shows the value of the CMA certification in the eyes of the employers.

Region Wise Salary Scale

IMA conducts a salary survey called “IMA Global Salary Survey“ among its members every year, to understand the mean and median packages being drawn by them in different parts of the world. The latest survey, conducted in 2015, provides interesting insights into the compensations being drawn by them, and the impact the CMA certification has had on their earnings.

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The country/region wise salaries were:

  • Middle East: the mean base salary was $43652 and the median base salary was $ 28,865. Mean total salary was $ 54,137, whereas median was $ 34,841.
  • UAE: CMAs in UAE draw the highest median base salary amongst all countries in the entire Middle East. Apart from this, very interestingly, female members aged between 20 to 29 draw a higher salary than men in the same age group.
  • Abu Dhabi: CMAS in Abu Dhabi drew a mean and median base salary of $ 61,671 and $ 39,197 respectively. The mean total compensation was $ 75,683 and $ 45,131.
  • Dubai: In Dubai the mean and median base salaries were $ 53,314 and $ 47,441, and total compensation was $ 65,131 (mean) and $48,996 (median).
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: the overall compensation package in Saudi Arabia had risen considerably in 2015 as compared to 2014. Mean base salary was $ 53,371 and median base salary was $ 39,197. Mean total compensation was $ 65,075, median compensation was $ 45,500. The CMA degree holders get a 42% premium in mean total compensation and as much as 90% in median total compensation as compared to their non-CMA counterparts.
  • Egypt: in 2015 the CMA certified employees in Egypt got a mean and median base salary of $ 12,632 and $ 6576 respectively. The mean and median total compensation in 2015 was $ 16,634 and $ 8252 respectively.
  • India: the annual base salaries for CMAS in India were $ 35,793 (mean) and $ 22,185 (median). The annual total compensation was $ 38,307 (mean) and $ 23,455 (median).
  • China: the respondents from China drew a mean annual base salary of $ 38,520 and mean total salary was $ 45,983. The median salaries were 23,565 and $ 29,849 respectively.

Summary Of The Survey

MIDDLE EAST $43652 $43652 $43652 $43652
DUBAI $53,314 $47,441 $65,131 $48,996
ABU DHABI $61,671 $39,197 $75,683 $45,131
UAE $53,371 $39,197 $65,075 $45,500
SAUDI ARABIA $51,010 $35,978 $66,791 $50,369
EGYPT $12,632 $6576 $16,634 $8252
INDIA $35,793 $22,185 $38,307 $23,455
CHINA $38,520 $23,565 $45,983 $29,849

*Total compensation includes the base salary as well as the additional entitlements like medical benefits, leave encashment, perquisites, bonus, etc.