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[PDF Notes and Session Recording] GST – Important Topics & Amendments in Flowchart Form – CA Ashish Deolasi

GST Important topics and amendments in flowchart form – session recordings and notes

Here are the PDF notes and recordings of the 3 sessions conducted from Saturday, 26 September to Tuesday, September 29 by CA Ashish Deolasi.

In these sessions, CA Ashish Deolasi has taught GST and covered the important topics and amendments in flowchart form.

These sessions are applicable for CA Inter, CMA Inter and CS Executive students.

Session recordings:

Part 1 – 26 September (Saturday)

CMA Free online Lectures

Part 2 – 28 September (Monday)

Part 3 – 29 September (Tuesday)

CA CS CMA Free Lectures

Link to PDF notes:

Payment of Taxes, TDS, TCS

Credit Note, Debit Note and E Way Bill