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Short notes on Management Information System

Definition: A Management Information System is an integrated user-machine system, for providing information, to support the operations, management, analysis & decision-making functions in an organization.

In other words, The System utilizes computer hardware & software, manual procedures, models for analysis, planning, control & decision making and a database.

Management Information System:

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MIS provides information to the users in the form of reports and output from simulations by mathematical models.

Management Reporting Alternatives

MIS provide a variety of information products to managers which includes 3 reporting alternatives:

  • Periodic Scheduled Reports
  • Exception Reports
  • Demand Reports and Responses

Management Reporting Alternatives

  1. MIS provide a variety of information products to managers which includes 3 reporting alternatives:
  2. Periodic Scheduled Reports: E.g. Weekly Sales Analysis Reports, Monthly Financial Statements etc.
  3. Exception Reports: E.g. Periodic Report but contains information only about specific events.
  4. Demand Reports and Responses: E.g. Information on demand.

MIS Characteristics:

  • Management Oriented/directed
  • Business Driven
  • Integrated
  • Common Data Flows
  • Heavy Planning Element
  • Subsystem Concept
  • Flexibility & Ease of Use
  • Database
  • Distributed Systems
  • Information as a Resource

MIS Support for Decision Making:

Structured / Programmable Decisions:

Decisions that are repetitive, routine and have a definite procedure for handling them.

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For e.g. Inventory reorder formula, Rules for granting Credit.

Unstructured / Non-Programmable Decisions:

Non-routine decision in which the decision maker must provide judgment, evaluation, and insights into the problem definition.

Semi-Structured Decisions:

Decision where only part of the problem has a clear cut answer provided by an accepted procedure.

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