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Get a Dual CPA And CMA Certification To Grow Your Career Fast

A dual certification is a great way of adding value to your career and secure chances. If you are planning a career in accounting, then you should definitely consider getting the CPA and CMA certification.

Benefits Of Getting A Dual CPA And CMA Certification

A good resume: The most important benefit is an impressive resume. A person who has demonstrated determination and discipline at a young age. Dual certification will impart exhaustive knowledge of accounting topics and will enable you to earn respect.
Potential of earning higher salary: Earning a dual CPA and CMA certification can boost your career. You can get the potential of earning a high salary.
Industry expertise: The deep knowledge of accounting topics will empowers you to a variety of jobs and help you earn a place for yourself in the industry.

The Benefits Of Getting A Dual Certification As A Student

For a dual certification, you have to clear both CPA and CMA. The CPA and CMA exams are designed in such a way that the certifications are ideal for pursuing while leading a student life. Here are a few reasons why:

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Educational Requirements – CMA: Candidates can sit for the CMA examination as a student. Students pay less for the CMA entrance fee and exam fees. The best time to clear the CMA examination is during the junior and senior year of college. However, unless the bachelor’s degree is granted, the CMA certification will not be granted. A candidate has 7 years in his hand to pass the exam once the CMA exam is cleared.

Educational Requirements – CPA: For the examination, a candidate must complete 120 hours of undergraduate courses to sit for the CPA examination. The best time to clear the CPA examination is within 6 months of graduation. In case of Licensure, some state boards require candidates to complete 150 hours to receive the CPA certification. The best time to clear the examination is during the junior year of college.

Content Of Examination

The content of the CMA and the CPA certification examinations and the accounting courses overlap. Hence, matching the progress of a college career in the process of preparing and sitting for examinations will make passing the examinations easier.

Course Schedule

The junior classes better prepare you for the Part 2 examination and the senior year classes prepare you for the Part 1 examination. The CMA exam and the CPA certification exam have a lot of content overlap and hence a lot of your time can be saved. You can take all the 4 CPA exam sections within 6 months of graduation and begin a career in accounting with a dual certification.