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CPA Exam Total Expense (Training & Certification Cost)

Below are the various expenses that you will have to incur on your journey to become a certified CPA holder.

1. CPA examination

The cost taking CPA examination varies from one US state to another state. However, in most of the states the cost of fitting for all the four sections ranging from USD 752 USD 1000. Once signed up, your application will be valid for six months in most states. You can check with the state you are applying for to see the validity period. You will also have to pay an application fee while applying to sit for the examinations. That is fee ranges from USD 100 to USD 200. This application fee has to be paid every time you apply.

2. Review course

Studying for the CPA examination takes a lot of hard work and concentration. Taking up a review course is a very good investment and we definitely recommend the same. The cost of a review course varies from one service provider to another. In general, self-study courses will cost around USD 1300 on an average and live courses will cost around USD 3000. A good preparation can help you clear each section and avoid re-application fees.

3. CPA certificate

Once a candidate clears the CPA examination, a payment has to be made to obtain the CPA certificate. In most states this payment is USD 150.

Classroom Vs Online

Price Comparison

CPA review courses are available in both the online mode and classroom mode. In case of online mode, the price of a CPA review course varies from USD 892 to USD 3393. A classroom training varies from his due to institute and is usually around USD 400 per section.


Training for CPA is crucial since the examination is a tough one to clear. Since the world is going digital, CPA training can be done in both online and off-line formats. There are a number of online training courses available which can prepare you well for the upcoming examinations. The most famous online training courses include Wiley CPA Excel, Surgent CPA review, Roger CPA review, Yaeger CPA review, Gleim CPA review, Fast Forward Academy and Becker Professional Education. They have been rated as the best CPA online training courses for 2017. Becker Professional Education has been certified by the Big 4 companies as being the best. The lecture is an interesting, they have very experienced teachers, and contain various task-based simulations to prep you up for the D day. Most of these institutes offer courses to video lectures, the hours of which vary from one provider to another. Roger CPA Review and Yaeger CPA Review also offer off-line study options, but with a payment of extra fees.
In India, there are the institutes which offer classroom training options for aspiring CPA candidates. It is very difficult to point out whether an online course works better or the classroom training. It ends depends on how a candidate can absorb knowledge and what medium suits him best.