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A CPA Exam Study Guide For Passing In The First Attempt

We receive a lot of questions from students about whether it is worthwhile to become CPA, especially since the examination is quite tough and passing it requires a lot of dedication from the student. If you are also wondering the same, then let me tell you two things at the very beginning: Firstly, yes, the examination is very tough, and secondly, still, it is worthwhile to do CPA because of the prestige and the career prospects that it can provide to you. Don’t worry, many people pass CPA every year and here is a CPA exam study guide which will also help you to pass with flying colours.

A CPA Exam Study Guide For The Diligent Students

The first thing that you have to remember even before you start studying is that you have to prepare in a strategic and meticulous way and start the preparation process months before the exams. Understand that there is no shortcut to clearing CPA, and we can only give you a CPA exam study guide regarding some of the best practices and tactics that many others have followed to past CPA in the past.

So let’s talk about things that you can do to increase the chances of passing CPA in the first attempt.

Plan Meticulously

It is said that anyone who is well prepared has already won half the battle. This also holds true for the CPA examinations. You need to familiarize yourself with the syllabus, the exam passing requirements and all other nitigrities regarding the CPA examinations. No CPA exam guide can help you unless you really know which topics are included in the CPA syllabus.

After that, create a detailed study plan keeping in mind the time that you will be able to dedicate to your studies. You need to divide your study schedules into sessions and also account for some breaks in between. Keep some slack time for unforeseen events which might occur resulting in wastage of study time. Divide the plan into three phases:

  • Study
  • Initial Revision
  • Final revisions and problem-solving

Once the plan has been prepared, stick to it in spite of your busy schedule. Use it as a CPA exam study guide that will help you to stay focused and clear the examinations comfortably.

Choose The Right Study Materials

While preparing for the ACCA examinations it is important that you base your preparations on the study materials that are provided by the Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants themselves. However, understanding every concept from the study materials might prove to be difficult for most students. To overcome this problem I strongly suggest that you consider using some additional materials:

  • Online training course: Nowadays learning has become much easier due to the rapid advancements in the educational technologies. Several companies now provide online preparation courses for CPA. To get an idea about how this work you can look at the online CPA study material and CPA study guide that Superprofs Learning from these can make your journey to becoming a CPA much smoother and fun too.
  • Supplementary CPA study materials: You can also consider purchasing a few CPA study guides that explain the subject topics in a point-wise and concise way and in a lucid language. Train the printed format as well as in online document to PDF formats. This supplementary CPA study guide will help you a lot during the revisions.
  • Question bank: After you complete your revisions you will need to solve the past question papers and problems to ensure that your preparation has been strong. You should get hold of question bank and start solving problems on your own. These question banks are available for purchase online. A question bank containing thousands of questions is included with the CPA preparation course of Superprofs.

Network Well

Preparing for CPA examinations on your own can be a very lonely affair and is certainly not recommended for anyone. Nowadays there are many online forums for students who are preparing for the CPA examinations. Join a few good ones and start interacting with the other members.

Networking with other students will help you to understand which CPA exam study guide they are using and how their preparations are going. You can also ask them in case you have a doubt on need any specific guidance regarding a specific topic. Apart from this you can stay motivated with the enthusiasm that other members show and this can go a long way in helping you to stay focused during your preparations. Most of the online forums also offer mobile apps which you can download. This makes it even simpler to interact with the peers.

But remember one thing over here, don’t overdo this. If you continuously in keep interacting with the other members then your study schedules will go haywire and you will we left behind by the other members who are studying diligently.

Hope this CPA exam study guide helps you in your preparations. Feel free to get in touch with me in case you have any specific queries or doubts which I can help you to solve.