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CPA Jobs That You Can Get After Getting Certified

The path to becoming a CPA is not at all easy, but the rewards of getting the  CPA license are huge. Since this is a license which is approved by regulatory bodies of all 50 states of the US and 5 other territories and districts, the CPA professionals are highly in demand and there is no dearth of  CPA jobs available for them.

Consulting firms, financial service companies including leading banks and other multinational companies regularly hire CPAs for occupying entry level to senior level positions.

 CPA Skills That Are In Demand

Before any candidate is granted the CPA license they have to pass the Uniform CPA examination, which is considered to be a very tough examination in itself. The rewards of the effort that you will put in passing the exam are certainly very well rewarded.

The Certified Public Accountants considered to be experts in accounting, auditing, and taxation. These professionals can also pick up a range of other CPA skills to increase their value and become eligible for many more CPA jobs. They get a wide variety of positions and designations in government as well as non-government companies in the state in which they are licensed. The legislation passed by the states in the US require that all accountants, those who render public accounting services and those who work for companies which render public accounting services have to be CPA license holders,

The private accountants, i.e. Those who provide accounting services to individual clients or work as employees in private companies as accountants need not hold a CPA license. So if you are planning to work as a private accountant then you need not pass the rigorous uniform CPA examination at all.

Some of the best companies like Hays, The World Bank, Hewlett Packard, KPMG, Grant Thornton LLP, Deloitte & Touche LLP, and Pricewaterhouse Coopers regularly hire CPAs.

Some CPA Jobs That You Can Get

As already mentioned, there is no shortage of jobs available for the CPAs in the USA. The following are some of the areas where they work:

  • Internal auditing: The internal auditors are critical to every company, especially the public and publicly listed ones. They responsible for conducting the checks and inspections on financial and operational to ensure that the company is doing its business honestly and truthfully. They also do risk management checks to ensure that there is no systematic problem that can cause problems or financial losses to the company.
  • Managerial accounting: An important CPA job that is available is of an Accounting Manager. The Accounting Managers are responsible for preparing financial reports, budget and for setting down the accounting rules and proceed with the entire organization has to follow. They also help the company management to make important decisions based on the reports that they prepare. Since the nature of this CPA job is very critical, there is ample scope of getting promotions and rapid career advancement in this profile
  • Taxation: One important CPA skill that you can possess is of tax accounting and tax preparation. If you want to build a career in tax accounting then you will be required to work in the areas of tax planning, keeping tax records, completing tax returns, ensuring compliance with taxation laws and in the implementation of taxation strategies for your company.
  • Financial analysis: As the name suggests, Financial Analysts analyze financial data to come up with useful insights and information which can be extremely beneficial for taking many business decisions. Financial analysts help in business growth by provising the financial data and critical inputs which the management of the company can use to take decisions about how to run the business.
  • Auditing of IT infrastructure: If you are a CPA with the technological background then you can also work as an Information Technology Auditor. Some of the job responsibilities that you will handle in this profile will be to audit the information systems to identify financial risks, ensure the accuracy of data being processed by the financial accounting software, and to ensure that the systems in use in the organization comply with the local and national laws.

 CPA Salary

Since the  CPA license holders are highly in demand, there is no shortage of  CPA jobs available for them. Since the demand is high, the average salary that the CPA holders draw at present is also very attractive.

The average CPA salary ranges from $46390 to $103022 per annum. Among the states, New York has the highest range ($59,089 – $133,225), closely followed by Chicago ($56035 – $112164), Houston ($55,770 – $120,612), Dallas ($56,187 – $112,135) and Atlanta ($54,244 – $115,736).

If you were thinking of whether to go for the CPA qualification or not and the types of jobs that they get, then hopefully this article has cleared many of your doubts. Feel free to ask me if you have any further doubt and I will be happy to clear them all.