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CPA Certificate Holders

CPA is one of the most sought after degrees and to obtain the same. CPA candidates have to have the 3 Es to qualify for a CPA certificate – Education, Exam and Experience. Each state board has its own eligibility criteria.

  • A ‘standard’ bachelor degree of 4 years or more along with minimum 150 hours of post-secondary education from a regionally accredited insti
  • The CPA exam has 4 parts and has to be completed within 18 months.
  • Complete the experience requirement with proper verifications.

1. Education Qualification Criteria for CPA

  • Bachelor’s Degree: A candidate should have completed a bachelor’s degree.
  • Semester Credits: As discussed above, there are total 150 credits required from a state accredited college or university. This is considered equivalent to a master’s degree. Usually, one academic year earns 30 credit hours, which means, a minimum 5 years of education.
  • Courses: Candidates need to have completed a specified number of accounting courses and a specified number of business courses. College accounting courses usually require an in-depth understanding of a variety of concepts. Having good grades will be an additional advantage

2. Experience requirements for CPA

Having accounting experience is an essential component of getting the CPA certificate. A candidate should have a minimum of two years of experience over and above meeting the educational criteria. This experience can be across any industry – public accounting, industry, education or Government. The work experience must be verified by CPA in order to count as a valid experience.

Companies Looking For CPA Holders

CPA is one of the most sought after certifications globally. Needless to say, companies across the globe are in need for CPA holders and hence there is no dearth of jobs. Once you are CPA certified, you can get a job of your choice in various local as well as multinational companies. The companies which are looking for CPA holders for their accounts and finance departments include manufacturing companies, consulting firms, financial service companies including leading banks and other multinational companies. Brands include some of the best names like Hays, The World Bank, San Diego State University, Hewlett Packard, etc.


The average salary of a CPA holder ranges from $46390 to $103022 per annum. The highest range of salary has been recorded in New York ($59,089 to $133,225) followed by Chicago ($56035 to $112164), Houston ($55,770 to $120,612), Dallas ($56,187 to $112,135) and Atlanta ($54,244 to $115,736).

The companies which pay the highest range of salaries are Ernst and Young ($51,145 to $89,765), Pricewaterhouse Coopers ($51,109 to $86,231), KPMG LLP ($50,342 – $91,757), Deloitte & Touche LLP ($50,167 – $81698) and Grant Thornton LLP ($52,870 – $87,522).