Prof CS Divay Miglani – Law Expert for CA, CS, CMA Exams

Divay Miglani is a name synonymous with energy. He is always eager to embrace any kind of demonstrations to make concepts easier for his students to understand. 

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  • Professor Credentials –  Prof. Divay Miglani is a qualified Company Secretary
  • Experience – More than 5 years
  • Area of expertise – Law and related subjects
  • No. of Students taught till date – 5000+
  • No. of Students currently enrolled with SuperProfs for Prof Divay’s classes – 1500+

Prof. Divay has taught more than 5,000 students over his career, achieving tremendous results with success rate being among the highest in the country. He believes that what makes him so successful at creating qualified Company Secretaries is his ability to relate the toughest of concepts with simple real-life examples which makes it easy for students to remember them.

He believes that education should be imparted and nurtured in a congenial and delectable way for students and learning should not be taken as an obligation. Keeping in line with this belief, he has encompassed various jests, narratives, and videos in his classroom. His rationale is to make education simple and easy for his students. He is also a facilitator and organizer for variegated seminars lucrative for students in India and outside India.

Prof CS Divay Miglani – Enrollment Options & Demo Classes for CA, CS, CMA Exams

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