Prior to knowing about CS Exam we must first know about different stages to become a Company Secretary.

The student who would like to join the Course after 10+2 pass or equivalent has to undergo three stages to pursue the Company Secretaries Course i.e. Foundation Program, Executive Program and Professional Program while the Student who would like to join the Course after passing the Graduation has to undergo two stages of the Company Secretary ship i.e. Executive Program and Professional Program. Admission to CS course is open throughout the year. CS Exam are held twice a year in June & December.

CS Exam

CS Exam Cut off dates for admission to CS course:

For Foundation Program:

31st March for appearing in December Examination in the same year

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30th September for June Examination next year

For Executive Program:

28th February for appearing in both modules in December Exams in the same year

31st May for appearing in single module in December Examination in the same year

31st August for appearing in both modules in June Exam in the next year

30th November for appearing in single module in June Examination in the next year

CS Exam fee for foundation course is Rs 1200 /- and for executive, professional Rs 1200/- per module. Except business communication subject, Institute allows a facility to students to appear in CS Exam in English as well as in Hindi.

Qualifying marks for CS Exam are as follows. The student is declared as passed in the Foundation or Executive or Professional exams if he or she secures at one sitting a minimum of 40% marks in each paper and 50% marks in the aggregate of all subjects.

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However, time limit for completing CS Exam: A student is required to complete the Executive and the Professional examination within the registration period. However, on payment of requisite fees, the validity of registration may be renewed/ extended for the further period subject to fulfilling the applicable guidelines.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for CS Exam:


  • Strictly adhere to the syllabus
  • Focus on conceptual understanding and co-relation among various topics.
  • Cover latest amendments (last 6 months).
  • Give a long answer – an introduction, a body and a good conclusion.


  • Don’t do the selective study. Go through all the chapters and concepts thoroughly. It gives you a better choice.
  • Don’t cut off from everything, pursue any extracurricular activity like music, dance, painting or sports during preparation to relax your mind
  • Don’t leave any question unattended. Answer all questions. At the same time don’t spend too much time on any question. Time management is the key.

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