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Alternative Courses for CS Students | SuperProfs | 2022

So many students are asking us about this doubt. So, we are here coming with the answer. In this article you can know about the Best Alternative Courses that you can study along with CS or uniquely which is alternatively for CS to build a better career.

alternative courses for cs students

Know about some of the very important courses that a CS student can study along with CS (Company Secretary) Course. The clear details about this concept can be available from below.

Alternative Courses for CS Students

We are here providing the best alternative courses available for CS Students along with CS Course. Lets check out one by one :

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Now look at the course details clearly from below:

1. CA with CS

The course of Chartered Accountancy is also a preferred course along with CS. Currently a large number of CS students pursuing CA course. The combination of CS plus CA is also good from the perspective of handling secretarial and finance department at a time. Now when you start searching for CS jobs you will find that recruiters expect you to manage their finance department or also work in Accounts, Taxation matters. So I believe with CA qualification you’ll be able to grab those opportunities. As told you earlier the domain of CS is huge now and nowadays Company Secretaries are expected to act as legal and finance person along with handling secretarial work. In this way CS has become very critical personnel for a Company. If you are having CA qualification then it would surely be counted as an additional advantage and you can easily and confidently handle Finance department along with the secretarial department. Later on you may be designated as Finance and Secretarial head. Again this advice is based on my professional experience.

alternate courses

2. L.L.B. with CS

Let me put my favourite option at number one i.e. LL.B. As per my suggestion with CS you should go for LL.B. to grab top opportunities at management level. LL.B. is a very good combination with CS as far as course content and understanding the corporate environment is concerned. Nowadays CS is expected to perform various tasks as Law graduate along with CS. With CS plus LL.B. qualification you’ll be able to handle legal and litigation work of the company. Legal and Litigation related profile involves liasioning with senior lawyers, represent company in courts, drafting of various contracts and agreements. With LL.B. qualification you can easily handle this kind of profile.

Current job market is full of such CS plus LL.B. jobs and with this combination and relevant experience you’ll be able to get good job easily. You may join LL.B. during your CS or after CS during training. During training you are advised to grab opportunity to work in legal domain to gain legal experience. Do not restrict yourself to the secretarial work of a company. If you are having LL.B. qualification then it would be counted as an additional advantage and you can easily and confidently handle or administer Legal work/department along with the secretarial work/department. Later on you may be designated as legal and secretarial head. This advice is based on my professional experience. Hope this would be off some help. Other courses are also good. But my first preference would be LL.B.

3. MBA Finance with CS

With CS you may go for MBA Finance from a reputed and recognized university, Institute or college. MBA Finance will help you to grow and think as a Finance professional. MBA Finance will help you to develop administrative skills which when merged with your legal and compliance skills will put you to a different level altogether. With MBA Finance qualification you’ll be able to portray yourself as a professional having top management strategic, financial, business administration and business development knowledge and understanding along with compliance related knowledge and skill.

4. Certification Programmes by ICSI

There are many courses launched by ICSI for CS students and members which they can pursue along with CS qualification. These courses are related to valuation, Banking compliances, Compliance management and risk governance in Insurance sector etc. All of them are certification course. You may find the details about this from the link below:

alternate courses

5. NCFM Course

If you have interest in security market, you may go for NCFM course which is conducted by the National Stock Exchanges, Mumbai (NSE). NCFM is a very reputed short term course which provides good working knowledge in various segments of security market like derivative, merchant banking, share trading, forex etc. This is also a very suitable course to be pursued along with CS course. Profile of CS is somewhere connected with security market and especially when you are working as a CS of a listed company. So in that scenario you can learn a lot about security market from NCFM course. There are various branches and certification course in NCFM and you may join any course as per your interest. To know more about NCFM course kindly check the link below:

6. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA-India)

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The course of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is regulated by ICFAI (Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India) University. It is basically a distance education programme. This course is suitable for students who want to pursue a career in investment industry. CFA examinations are conducted four times a year. Very good career opportunities are available for qualified CFAs in financial organisation like banking, insurance, etc. So a CS may also consider this course as an additional course along with CS.

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