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CS Job Opportunities and Career

The new job opportunities for CS not only hold a high position in management hierarchy but are highly accountable both within and outside the organization.

As the CS candidates have good exposure in fields like law, accountancy, administration, secretarial practices and much more, they automatically qualify for vast opportunities within a company from their very initial days.  Also, the new CS job opportunities which are being created in the market provide both exciting career prospects coupled with innumerable challenging situations.

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Gone are those days when a company secretary’s role was limited to providing support to the board of directors and looking after administrative affairs of an organization. With the recent happenings in the corporate world which have shaken the confidence of shareholders, there is a greater demand for displaying corporate credibility and maintaining transparency in company’s internal affairs.

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CS being one of highly qualified and competent professional’s courses comes among the first few choices to take this responsibility. In this article, you will come to know the CS Job Opportunities and the scope of it.

With the expansion in horizons of roles and responsibilities, it has also opened new job opportunities for CS. Apart from their traditional task, CS are now looked upon for corporate governance and even legal matters of the company. As the position of a company secretary is becoming more and more critical to the smooth functioning of a corporate entity so has soared the demand for this job profile.

So anyone who has good judgmental quality, legal aptitude, administrative ability, interest in current affairs backed with good communication skill must aspire for this brilliant career. Eligibility for foundation course is +2, while for intermediate courses and above a graduate degree is required.

Here in this article of CS Job Opportunities, you will find –

  1. CS Job Opportunities
  2. Salary Perks and Remunerations
  3. Future Demand

CS Job Opportunities

When we talk of various CS career opportunities that are available in the market they can be majorly clubbed in two categories: openings in Employment and as Practicing Independent Professional. Under employment, they can be anything like an assistant to the board of directors, company registrar, legal advisor, corporate policy maker, CAOs, Principal Secretary, corporate planner etc.

Under the practice, there are areas like secretarial Audit, pre certification of e-forms, company liquidators, professional assistance to company liquidators and much more. Apart from these, a CS also find a place in areas like corporate restructuring, arbitration, and conciliation, project planning, financial management, corporate advisory services etc..

Salary Perks and Remunerations

In addition to the diversified CS career options, the salary and other benefits associated with these jobs are also very attractive. In India, the monthly starting salary can range anywhere between Rs. 28,000 and Rs. 40,000. Also, there is a lot of room for increments. As with experience, knowledge, and association with a renowned employer can boost the salary of a company secretary to limitless figure.

Company secretaries generally also receive several non-monetary benefits including holidays with pay, insurance, and access to credit for housing and transport as well as sick leaves. There are a number of perks associated with company secretaries.

One of the main reasons why people opt for this career path is because of the high earning potential within the field. With experience and qualification, company secretaries earn very respectable salaries.

Moreover, the CS job opportunities unlike many others in related disciplines normally do not require one to work overtime. The fixed timings generally attract a large number of people into the field. Additionally, company secretaries are very well respected within their organizations. All departments of all companies depend on them to ensure that their functioning is in accordance with the law.

Future Demand

Given the account of growth in our country’s financial might, the trained company secretaries are in great demand. Numerous foreign companies looking forward to having their installation in India, ever happening corporate activities like expansions, mergers, collaboration, joint ventures, and acquisitions will make sure that there are enough CS job opportunities in India.

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