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The CS exams conducted by the ICSI has 3 levels, of which the intermediary or the Executive level, as it is named, forms the basis of eligibility to register for the Professional program. A candidate who is a graduate in any discipline other than Fine-Arts can register for the Executive level directly without having to pass the Foundation level. The Intermediary level is divided into 2 Modules or Groups, with 4 papers in each module.

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In this article, let us discuss the following important strategies to be followed to crack the CS Executive- Module 1

  1. General tips for clearing the CS Executive – Module 1 papers
  2. How to clear Paper 1 – Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws
  3. How to clear Paper 2 – Company Law
  4. How to clear Paper 3 – Setting Up of Business Entities and Closure
  5. How to clear Paper 4 – Tax Laws

General tips for clearing the CS Executive – Module 1 papers – Dos and Don’ts


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  • Design a pragmatic time-schedule for your preparation and always ensure that you begin your preparations within at least 5-6 months duration before the commencement of the exams.
  • Always follow the course materials provided by the ICSI at any cost. Anything additional may be beneficial but never neglect the course pack.
  • Utilize the online materials to support your preparation and if you do not find time to attend classroom coaching, online-video lectures can always come handy.
  • Current affair is an important part of this CS Executive Module-1 papers. Read any one standard dailies such as The Hindu or The Indian Express and try to incorporate the relevant examples in your answers.
  • Since the Executive program consists of descriptive type papers, practising answer writing is extremely important.
  • Finally, revising all that you have learnt is the key to success. Always find time to revise the concepts and examples so that it can improve your writing speed as well.


  • Never delay or procrastinate things that are part of your preparation. Procrastinating activities can increase the burden towards the end and may lead to failure.
  • It is advisable not to completely rely on a coaching institute and their course materials, neglecting the study materials provided by the institute.
  • Do not waste time reading and re-reading the questions that you have no idea about, as it can obstruct you from even visiting the easy questions during the exam.
  • Do not forget to skim through the entire question paper before beginning to answer the questions.
  • Do not forget to make notes of your own during the preparation as it can be of great help to understand the concepts and to revise the subjects.

How to clear CS Executive Paper 1 – Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws

  • Understand the requirement of the paper. The subject is divided into 3 components – Jurisprudence, Interpretation, and General Laws. The main objective of the paper is to understand briefly the laws and their interpretation in general.
  • Remember that it is not a static subject and involves a lot of dynamic elements. This requires the addition of relevant recent examples from current affairs while writing your answers.
  • Be well-versed with the Constitution of India and its features.
  • The paper is a descriptive type and it demands a lot of writing practice as well.
  • Always keep in mind that periodic answer-writing is a must during preparation. Most of the students tend to postpone the writing practice to the end of syllabus completion, which often runs into chaos.
  • Be aware of the fundamentals and key definitions, amendments to the Acts, Powers, features, and functions of the provisions of the acts.

Clear CS Executive Module 1 – Paper 2–Company Law

  • The paper is of descriptive nature and as suggested for Paper 1, this paper also requires good writing practice.
  • This paper is divided into 3 parts. The first part is Company Law, Principles and Concepts, which makes up 50 marks. The next part is about Company Administration and Meetings, which makes up 40 marks and the final part is about Company Secretary as a Profession making up the remaining 10 marks.
  • The paper gives the distinct legal features and characteristics of a company. Hence it deals more with Corporate Governance. It is one of the core subjects in the CS course.
  • You need not pressurise yourself to memorise the various sections and Form numbers of the Act.
  • Read and re-read the provisions of the Act until you get a clear picture of what they really mean. Hence, It is worth taking time to understand the provisions.
  • You may solely depend on the course material provided by the ICSI before moving on to other resources. Refer to other sources only depending upon the time.
  • Make notes and highlight the important points throughout your preparation. This also helps you grasp the key points of the provisions.
  • Answer writing practice is a must right from the beginning of your preparation.
  • Presentation skills are important in such type of descriptive papers. Ensure that every answer has a brief introduction, relevant examples of provisions of the Act, and a proper conclusion.

How to clear CS Executive Paper 3 – Setting up of Business Entities and Closure

  • This paper is also of descriptive nature and the subject mainly deals with the various types of business entities in India, the legal aspects associated with these entities, etc.
  • Understand the various concepts and definitions pertaining to the syllabus.
  • As mentioned for the other two papers, answer writing is very much important for this paper too.
  • The paper is divided into 3 main sections – ‘Setting up of Business’, which constitutes for 40 marks, ‘Registration, Licences, and Compliances’ making up 35 marks and ‘Insolvency, Winding Up and Closure of Business’ constituting 25 marks.
  • It is advisable to devote almost equal weightage of study hours for all 3 sections of the paper.

Tips to clear CS Executive Module 1 – Paper 4 – Tax Laws

  • From December 2019, this paper has been declared to be of MCQ based exam with a negative marking of 0.25 for every wrong answer.
  • The subject is divided into Direct Tax and Indirect Tax, each for 50 marks.
  • Since the paper is of objective nature, it is essential to learn and memorize all the sections of the Acts.
  • Current affairs, as well as the latest updates in Tax Laws, are extremely essential for this paper.
For a detailed strategy on Tax preparation tips, you may refer to this article.

It may be noted that there are exemptions to certain papers in every module for candidates who have passed relevant subject papers in the recent past. This is subject to the conditions that the candidate produce and submit the required proof of passing the relevant subject papers. A candidate may also choose to attempt both modules of the CS-Executive in one go or attempt a single module during an exam period.


How to Clear CS Professional Exam in first attempt

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