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How to clear CS in First Attempt | Expert Tips for success

How to clear CS Exam In the First Attempt?

Company Secretary (CS) has been one of the most demanded and the highest paid jobs of the 21st Century. The CS plays a vital role when it comes to Corporate Governance and dealing with legal issues in an organization. Given the prestige, responsibilities and power that accompany the career role, there is no wonder in the existence of a majority of young aspirants for the job! Moreover, with the rise in the importance of private sector participation, especially in the Indian economy, there has been a boom in the demand for Company Secretaries across the country.

Here in this article, you will get to know about:-

  1. How to crack CS Foundation level
  2. How to crack CS Executive level
  3. How to crack CS Professional level
  4. Key strategies to clear CS Exam in first attempt

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If you are an aspirant who has researched upon the course details and have enrolled for the same, you would be speculating the timeline by which you would clear each level and complete the entire course. On initial registration, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) provides a time limit of five years to complete the Executive and Professional levels which can be later extended through re-registration. There is a myth among the aspirants that the exam would take multiple attempts, definitely more than one, if not too many. But, the truth is different. There are many students who have cleared the levels in one go and have achieved their dream goals! By this article, We present you certain tips and strategies for the young aspirants to clear CS In First Attempt and become a Company Secretary in the least possible time.

How to crack the CS Foundation level exam | June 2021

The CS-Foundation level is mandatory for those students who do not possess an undergraduate degree and optional for others. Since our goal here is to complete the course within the minimum time scale, I would suggest the degree holders not to opt for the foundation level. This does not mean that one should completely avoid the syllabus and course materials offered for the exam. In fact, the modules of the Foundation level form the base for the entire course and it is important, especially for a student with non-commerce background, to obtain basic knowledge on the four subjects offered in the Foundation syllabus.

The Foundation level exam consists of paper with MCQ type questions and thus clarity of basic concepts in all the four subjects enables the student to sail through. If you are a student in the high school level, it is mandatory for you to register and complete the foundation level of the exam. A boon that you get here is that the syllabus goes hand in hand with your high school commerce subject syllabus. So, keep your preparation steady and build a strong base because it would give you an upper hand during the preparation for the Executive and Professional levels in future. It is important to keep yourself updated with the current affairs, especially in the field of business and economics.

How to crack the CS Executive level in June 2021 (with the updated syllabus)

The executive-level consists of two modules with four subjects in each module. The aspirant is free to attempt each module separately or both modules together during the registration period. It is important to choose whether you wish to attempt both modules together in one go or not because this should depend upon your calibre, your preparation level and time, and your confidence. Often students get almost a year gap for preparing both the modules, which is quite sufficient if you have the adequate preparation strategy. But, if you are a working professional, or a student pursuing other parallel courses, it is advisable to go for a single module in one window.

An important point to note here is that the students who register for the Executive level, receive the course materials for foundation syllabus as well. So, it is an opportunity for students with a non-commerce background to get a basic understanding of the subjects that are dealt with in the entire course of CS.

How to crack the CS Professional level in June 2021 (with the latest updated syllabus)

The Professional level is divided into three modules with three papers in each module. One subject in the third module is an elective paper, the examination for which is of an open-book format. At this stage of the exam, the student is expected to be in a position to understand, face and answer the questions in a matured and professional manner. A vital aspect of this phase of the exam is an excellent presentation, conceptual understanding and analysis of the related topics. It is important for students to also refer to other sources for preparation, but only on completion of the modules provided by ICSI.

Key strategies – How to clear CS in first attempt? June 2021

I would like to mention the following very important strategies, which are a must to be followed if you want to clear CS in first attempt:

  1. Prepare a well-planned schedule for completing the syllabus of the modules that you are planning to write. And while preparing your study timetable, do allocate some buffer time as well, especially if you are pursuing your career or degree course beside the CS.
  2. Find your preferred method of learning. Apart from self-study, you might require classroom or online coaching to support your preparation in a short time. Today, accessing the online resources is never a problem with websites such as SuperProfs, and in fact, the ICSI itself supports you with a lot of online materials which can be put to the best use.
  3. Online learning is a helpful factor in managing time and overcoming location constraints. Always remember that the one who integrates smart-work with hard work is on the path of quick success!
  4. Interact with faculty members or students who have experience in the subject. Also, watch the video tips for previous years’ toppers and incorporate the best practices in your answer writing.
  5. Refer to the previous years’ question papers and be well versed with the important and repeated topics in each module.
  6. Make notes when you prepare. Always the notes that you prepare is beneficial during the revision time. Do not forget to add relevant examples while making notes.
  7. Understand your strengths and weakness. Concentrate and work more on the subjects you are less confident of.
  8. Finally, last but not least, do keep yourself motivated and find some time for refreshing your mind if you have a hectic schedule.

If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning”. These words of Mahatma Gandhi really reflects on the life of a person who aspires to achieve great dreams. Nothing worth achieving comes easy in this world. It takes time and effort to conquer each step in your goal of becoming a Company Secretary, and the ultimate reward comes in the form of satisfaction and happiness! All the best!

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FAQs regarding how to clear CS in first attempt!

What is better for Company Secretary exam preparation – self study or coaching classes?

We recommend you to take coaching classes for your preparation. You will definitely encounter some topics and concepts that will be difficult to grasp without a professor explaining them to you. Additionally, there will be practical (numerical) problems that you will need help solving. We’ve also observed that the success rate of students who take classes is higher than those who study on their own. So, it is always better to take help from experienced professors.

I’m a CS aspirant from a small town so I do not have access to good quality professors. How can I prepare for my exams?

It is advisable to opt for online classes so you can get access to India’s top professors from the comfort of your home. This will be extra beneficial for you since you can save money that you would have to spend on living alone and bearing your expenses. You can also save the effort in doing your household chores and invest that time and energy in studying. You can check out CS Foundation online classes by SuperProfs.

How can I plan my studies to prepare for the CS exams?

Prepare a well-planned schedule for completing the syllabus of the modules that you are planning to write. And while preparing your study timetable, do allocate some buffer time as well, especially if you are pursuing your career or degree course beside the CS.

You can get study plans for CS Executive here and for CS Professional here.

Where can I get study material for CS exams?

You can download the entire compilation of study material for CS exams here.

How should I revise the syllabus for my CS exams?

Revising the concepts that you’ve studied is important for success in your CS exams. Make notes when you prepare. Always the notes that you prepare is beneficial during the revision time. Do not forget to add relevant examples while making notes.