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The CS Professional level is divided into 3 modules with 3 papers in each module. The ICSI conducts the CS exam twice in a year, and the student registered can attempt the exam for all modules in a single window or register for the exam of each module in a window. It is often advisable that the candidate focuses on a single module at a time to secure high marks. This article explains certain subject-wise tips and strategies to clear the CS Professional Module 2 papers. Please note that the new syllabus (w.e.f September 2018) is considered here for preparation. You may refer to the previous article on ‘How to clear CS Professional-Module 1 for information on clearing the first module of this level.

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cs professional module 2 exam tips

Through this article, we shall discuss the following questions:

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  1. General tips on clearing CS Professional Module 2
  2. How to clear Paper 4 – Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management, and Due Diligence
  3. Tips to clear Paper 5 – Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidation & Winding-up
  4. General Strategies – Clear Paper 6 – Resolution of Corporate Disputes, Non-Compliances & Remedies

General tips on clearing CS Professional Module 2


  • Plan well and prepare a study schedule incorporating sufficient buffer time so that you can stick to the schedule whatever may come.
  • If you are a full-time aspirant, allocate time to cover two subjects every day, preferably one theory-based paper and another practical based.
  • Make your own notes while preparing as this would help you during revision.
  • Cover the course materials provided by the institute and only then move on to other sources.
  • You must be well informed with current affairs and it is essential to follow anyone’s standard newspaper.
  • Since all the papers in Professional program-Module 2 are descriptive in nature, a good amount of writing practice is very important.


  • Never postpone writing practice to the end of your preparation. Allot sufficient hours on a weekly basis for writing answers and it is equally important to get them self-evaluated or by a person who has cleared the exam or a faculty teaching the subject.
  • Do not prepare yourself selectively. It is important to go through each topic of the syllabus for Module-2.
  • Don’t avoid leisure-time activities. Involve in some physical activities as they are good stress busters and can keep you fit throughout the preparation.
  • Don’t get carried away by myths that it is extremely tough to clear this exam. There are people who have been successful in the very first attempt too.


How to clear CS Prof Paper 4 – Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence

Given below are certain tips to crack the Paper-4 of the CS Professional Module 2 program:

  • This paper is focussed on inculcating knowledge about Compliance Management, Internal control systems, various search and status reports, audits, conducting due diligence of various businesses.
  • The paper is divided into two parts–Compliance Management for 40 marks and Secretarial Audit & Due Diligence covering 60 marks of the paper.
  • The syllabus is quite lengthy and requires a well-planned schedule to complete them.
  • Some parts of the syllabus are quite tough and the practical questions require sufficient time to practice.
  • The questions are asked for 5 marks generally. Hence, do not spend too much time on a single topic.
  • Conceptual clarity is very important for the topics and the questions must be addressed to the point.
  • Adding certain important sections in your answer can boost your marks.
  • Of all the parts, Due Diligence is quite easy. Due to this, many students tend to skip the topic or procrastinate to the end which could turn out to be a disaster. This is because the topic is equally important compared to the others, and ICSI makes it a point to test students in this domain.
  • Cover the comparatively easier topics first, such as the corporate restructuring, and then go for subjects such as Securities as they might require more time.
  • Practicing the previous years’ question papers is very important. Attempting previous year questions topic-wise helps a lot to understand your level of preparation.
  • Presenting your answers in a neat and structured manner fetches you more marks.

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Tips to clear CS Prof Paper 5 – Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidation & Winding-up

Below are certain tips to crack the Paper-5 of the CS Professional Module 2 program:

  • This paper is divided into 2 parts – Corporate Restructuring (CR) which constitutes 50 marks and the other is Insolvency and liquidation for another 50 marks.
  • The Corporate Restructuring part consists of 13 chapters in the syllabus and the second part consists of 12 chapters.
  • Understanding the concepts clearly is very important as far as this paper is concerned.
  • While answering the questions, it is advisable to answer is short paragraphs and also highlight the important part that portrays your knowledge before the examiner.
  • Generalized and vague answers must be neglected.
  • Some parts of the syllabus are lengthy, for example, the topic ‘Acquisition of Company’, and it is beneficial to complete such portions at the beginning.
  • As for the previous paper, this also requires adequate learning of theory as well as practical concepts.
  • Plan your schedule well ahead of the exam dates and stick to the schedule.
  • Case laws are quite important for this paper.


Paper 6 – Resolution of Corporate Disputes, Non-Compliances & Remedies

Below are certain tips to crack the Paper-6 of the CS Professional Module 2 program:

  • The subject is one of the shortest with just ten chapters in the syllabus.
  • The aim or focus of the paper is to acquaint the student with sufficient knowledge about the various kinds of corporate disputes and non-compliances with various laws and their management and resolution.
  • As for other papers in the module, writing practice is equally important for scoring good marks in this paper.
  • Upon completing each chapter, try to answer questions asked in the previous years and analyze the questions to understand what the examiners might expect from the students.
  • A Periodic revision of the chapters is important for this subject.
  • Be updated with current affairs as this helps you add relevant examples in your answers, thereby improving the quality of your answers.
  • Since it has a comparatively short syllabus, it is advisable to leave the paper towards the end of preparation. But also note that each chapter requires attention as they have equal chances of questions being asked for the same reason of the syllabus being short.
  • Making good use of online classes can help learn the topics in a faster manner.

Thus, through this article, we have covered certain vital tips. Also, the strategies that can help one sail through the CS-Professional Module 2 papers. For more information on the exam deadlines and other cut-off dates, one can visit the official website of the ICSI as well.

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FAQs regarding CS exam

How many modules are there in CS Professional?
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There are three modules in CS Professional exams under which there are nine papers. Students can check the list of papers from the given link – CS Professional Syllabus

How to prepare for CS Professional Module 1

There are three papers in CS Professional Module 1 and they are:
1) Governance, Risk Management, Compliances and Ethics
2) Advanced Tax Laws
3) Drafting, Pleadings and Appearances
Learn how to prepare each and every subject in detail from this article – CS Professional Module 1

When will CS Professional 2020 exams be conducted?

CS Professional 2020 June session is to be conducted from July 6 to 16. CS exam for June 2020 session has postponed due to COVID-19. Also new exam dates are announced by ICSI according to which CS exams will be held in the month of July. Read this complete article to know more about the cs exams revised date sheet.

Which shall be my last attempt in Professional Programme (Old Syllabus)?

The last attempt for Professional Programme (Old Syllabus) examination shall be June, 2020.