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If you’ve just cleared CS Executive, you would be planning to create your CS Professional Study Plan for December 2022 attempt. CS exams are held twice a year during the months of June and December. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) has introduced a new syllabus for the CS Professional Stage, which is applicable for the December 2022 exams also. The new syllabus has three modules, each module consisting of three papers. Out of the total nine papers, two papers are open book based examinations namely Paper 8 and Paper 9. Here in this article, we are providing you a Study Plan for CS Professional exams whether you are a working professional or a student. So you can start your preparation accordingly!

CS Professional Study Plan

About CS Professional Exam December 2022

CS Professional is the final stage that an aspirant must clear before being awarded a prestigious degree. Before appearing for the CS Professional exams, the foundation, as well as the executive stage, have to be successfully cracked.

In this article, we will be discussing what the ideal CS Professional study plan for Dec 2022 attempts –  must be to maximize the chances of passing the CS Professional Programme in the first attempt.

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Psychological Preparation for the Exams

The factor that defines a successful person is the possession of a winning mentality. One must always keep in mind that he/she should continue to work hard and strive for success in a manner similar to what they had adapted while clearing the Executive Programme.

Even if one’s Executive result wasn’t up to the mark, one must know that it all boils down to what one achieves in the Professional Programme of the CS curriculum. So one must consider it a fresh start and give it their all.

CS Professional Study Plan working professionals

CS Professional Study Plan – December 2022

1.. Firstly, one must sit down and decide calmly how many modules one wants to appear in the relevant term. Appearing for all the three modules together is both challenging and rewarding. It would require much more effort to appear for all three modules together, but that would make one eligible to secure an All India Rank too. Appearing for individual modules provides one enough time to study and revise accordingly. However, time management is an art that would be the key to pass this exam.

2.. One must refer to the study material provided by the institute for the relevant subjects rather than going for various notes of private tutors. It is essential to know that the questions will be asked from the study material only and the answers which reflect the study material will always hold topmost priority.

3.. Solving the Scanner and the Practise Manual is a must where one wants to strengthen their preparation. It has been observed a lot of times that the questions are directly asked from the practice manuals and scanned itself, so that could add around fifteen to twenty marks in one’s total score.

CS Professional Study Plan Assuming one Wants to Appear for a Single Module:

CS Professional study plan 2021

In this case, one has enough time to prepare for the three subjects of the relevant module one has chosen to appear for.

  • Firstly one must calmly go through the study material and should make sure that each and every topic is covered properly and one must not skip any topic at all. Depending upon one’s field of interest and weakness, there will be certain portions that one may not feel comfortable studying and learning, but one must remember the idea is to convert one’s weakness into a strength.
  • After completing each chapter, one must go through the practice manual, scanner and refer the relevant chapter to make sure the coverage is maximum.
  • The practice of writing always helps in theoretical subjects. It helps one maintain their writing speed and memorize topics easily, which are massively important in the examination hall.
  • The aim must be to complete the syllabus at least two-and-a-half months prior to the exam. This leaves us with at least one and a half months for revision. During this phase, one must only focus on the exams and keep revising from the study material, write-ups, practice manuals, and scanner.

Study Plan for CS Professional | December 2022 | Assuming One Wants to Appear for Two Modules:

Once again, time will not be an issue while preparing for two modules, discipline will. One has to maintain discipline throughout for better preparation.

  • One must devote equal time to each subject. The ideal mix would be to prepare two subjects simultaneously, and after completing both the subjects, one must proceed further with two more subjects. This way efficiency remains is maintained.
  • Revision while preparation should be practiced from the beginning, as one may not have enough time to devote for revision before the exams. Therefore, revision will ensure that one doesn’t lose grip of covered topics.
  • Once again, practice manual and scanner play an important role during the preparatory phase; one must ensure that the syllabus should be completed at least one and a half months prior to the exams.
  • Practicing writing every day will always be very crucial for preparation and hence the same should be reported accordingly.

CS Professional Study Plan Assuming One Wants to Appear for All the Modules:

Here, one must first realize that a lot of smart effort will be required to cover the syllabus. A continuous effort on a daily basis will be required throughout. Discipline and time management will be playing the anchor role throughout.

One must choose three subjects and aim to complete the same within two months. So, devote at least three hours a day per subject. Simultaneously practice manuals and scanner should be referred to.

  • One day of a week must be chosen when no new topic shall be covered, the entire weeks’ coverage shall be revised. This day plays a very important role in one’s preparation, considering the importance of revision should never be stressed enough.
  • Daily writing shall be emphasized and shall be a habit of the student. One must also keep themselves motivated throughout to ensure continuity in preparation.
  • One must aim to complete the syllabus at least a month before the exams and one must reserve the remaining 30 days into 3 slots of 9 days where one must spend 9 days to a complete revision of each module. The remaining three days shall be kept to study the first two papers. This is just an example of time management; One may resort to any strategy one feels comfortable abiding by.
  • It is necessary to remember that in moments of emotional breakdown, all of us have faced such moments of indecision and dispiritedness. What matters more is to continue on the chosen path and remember smooth seas have never made a skilled sailor.
  • Realistically writing, mental preparedness plays a much more important role than an academic effort. A proper mindset will push one to work hard despite all challenges.


Happy Studying!

You can watch a few demo lectures by SuperProfs for CS and see if you would want to consider subscribing to our video series for a better shot at clearing the CS examination.

Click Here To Get a FREE Demo or register for Pen Drive classes

You can watch a few demo lectures by SuperProfs and see if you would want to consider subscribing to our video series for a better shot at clearing the CS examination.


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How should I prepare the various topics of CS Professional subjects for December 2022 ?

You should follow these steps to prepare the various topics efficiently:
1) Know the CS Professional exam pattern.
2) Solving and analysing the previous year papers and find out the weightage of each topic in the papers.
3) Allocate time to each and every topic based on importance.

What should be my study plan for CS Executive?

The study plan or schedule is a must before beginning the preparation for the CS exams. It guides you on the right path and helps you maintain your focus on the preparation. The CS Executive study plan suggested in this article will provide you all the tips about how should you prepare for you CS Executive exams.

What are the subjects of CS Foundation?

CS Foundation Syllabus contains 4 subjects. CS Foundation Syllabus Subjects are Business Environment & Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Ethics and Communication, Business Economics and Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing.
Read this complete article to know about CS Foundation Subjects.

How much salary do Company Secretaries get?

In India, the monthly starting salary can range anywhere between Rs. 28,000 and Rs. 40,000. Also, there is a lot of room for increments. Company secretaries generally also receive several non-monetary benefits including holidays with pay, insurance, and access to credit for housing and transport as well as sick leaves. One of the main reasons why people opt for this career path is because of the high earning potential within the field. You can read this article for complete details.

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