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Introducing CSEET Live Online Classes – batch starting August 1, 2020

SuperProfs is excited to announce the launch of our live online classes for CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET). These classes will be conducted on Zoom and will be hosted live by the professors.

You can join the Zoom meeting and participate in the CSEET live online classes in real time. Not just that, you’ll be provided a recording of all the lectures that take place in these live classes. So if you miss a class, or if you want to revise any concept, you can watch the session recording again.

How to join the CSEET online live classes

Here’s how you can join the CSEET online live classes from the comfort of your home:

CS Free online Lectures
  1. You first need to register for the classes by going over to this page and submitting the form.
  2. While you’re on that page, make sure you check out the demo classes, or you can watch them by scrolling down on this page as well.
  3. Post registering, you’ll receive a call from our exam counsellors who will explain the complete details of the classes to you and also tell you about the fees structure.
  4. Once you pay the fees and enrol in the CSEET live online classes, you’ll be given the credentials for Zoom and a Telegram channel that you can use to join the classes.
  5. After the live class, a recording of the live lecture will be uploaded and made available in your SuperProfs account.

Click here to register for the CSEET live online classes.

Key features of the live online CSEET classes

When you enrol for our live classes for CSEET, you also sign up for many additional benefits. Here are some key benefits and things to know before you start your CSEET classes:

  1. Your subscription to these classes will be valid till February 2021. This means that these classes will cover the next two attempts – November and January.
  2. You can access a recording of your classes in your SuperProfs account. You never have to worry about missing a class or needing to revise any concept.
  3. When you subscribe for these classes, you’ll be added to a Telegram channel that you can use to discuss anything related to the topics. Your daily class schedule will also be updated on this channel.
  4. Quizzes and notes related to each topic will also be shared in the Telegram channel.
  5. There will be three lectures per day. Each lecture will be 60 to 90 minutes long and the total duration of the course is about 140 hours.

Click here to register for the CSEET live online classes.

Demo classes

CA CS CMA Free Lectures

Given below are 2 demo classes of this program

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