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CSEET to be conducted online on 29 August, 2020 – ICSI notification

About CSEET online exam August 2020

ICSI has released a notification on August 5, 2020 announcing that the first ever Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) will be held on Saturday, August 29 in remote proctored mode. ‘Proctored’ is just a fancy word for ‘invigilated’ or ‘monitored’, so this essentially means that the exam will be held online while an invigilator monitors your exam via the internet. This notification has come as a great relief for candidates who can now take the CSEET online exam August 2020 from the safety of their home, thus saving their year as well as protecting their health.

Online CSEET August 2020 – Key points to remember

There are certain important things that candidates need to remember with respect to the CSEET online exam August 2020. The most prominent change that has been made to the test pattern is the removal of the viva-voce portion while all the other sections will remain unchanged and carry the same weightage as notified earlier. Another key point is that the candidates can take the exam from their desktop or laptop computers but not from their phone or tablet. Both these points are explained in the notification as:

  1. CSEET shall be conducted through remote proctored mode instead of conducting the same from Test Centers. Candidates are allowed to appear for the test through laptop/desktop from home/such other convenient place. Candidates shall not be allowed to appear through smartphone (mobile), tablet, etc.
  2. In view if the Remote Proctored Mode, the viva-voce portion stands removed for the first CSEET to be held on 29th August, 2020. The computer based MCQ portion of the online test forming part of the CSEET shall remain the same as per the existing structure of the CSEET. Paper 4 will carry a total of 50 marks which will contain question on Current Affairs, Communication Skills and Presentation
  3. The break-up of marks in computer-based CSEET in MCQ pattern with a duration of 120 minutes shall be as under:
S. No.SubjectNo. of quesMarks
1Business Communication3550
2Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning3550
3Economic and Business Environment3550
4Current Affairs (15 ques), Presentation and Communication skills (20 ques)3550

Note that the ICSI has announced that the admit cards to eligible candidates will be issued 10 days prior to the test.

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How to take the online CSEET August 2020 – Requirements, process, remote proctoring explained

Technical requirements:

Students have been advised by the ICSI to plan for availability of a laptop/desktop computer that has the following technical specifications (at least):

  1. Browser – latest version of Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge
  2. RAM – 256 MB or above for laptops and desktops and 1 GB or above for notebooks
  3. Graphics – Minimum of 64 MB of graphics memory (internal/external)
  4. Multimedia support – Sound card
  5. Microphone – Standard 3.5 mm jack or internal
  6. Webcam – supporting minimum 320×240. Recording of colour video at 15 fps
  7. Internet connection minimum per user:
    1. Upload – 512 Kbps
    2. Download – 512 Kbps
  8. Recommended internet speed per user:
    1. Upload – 1 Mbps
    2. Download – 1 Mbps
  9. Processor – 1 Ghz or faster x86-compatible processor or Intel Atom 1.6 Ghz or faster processor for notebooks
  10. Uninterrupted power supply to run the system continuously during the test

Test process:

Every candidate will be required to login through secured ID and password on the online test taking platform on the day of the test. The details of the test like time schedule, website address, ID and password will be communicated later by the ICSI.

Remote proctoring:

The ICSI has released a comprehensive list of instructions for the students that can be found in the official notification. The most critical points are mentioned below:

  1. ICSI will judge the identity of the test taker at 2 levels – one by capturing facial photo of the candidate and the other through a valid government approved photo ID proof. The AI based facial recognition tool will continuously monitor the candidate’s face and report any changes/anomalies.
  2. The test session will be invigilated by a remote proctor. The system will monitor the candidate and detect any attempt to use unfair means. Some of these can be:
    1. Candidate switches to a different tab on the browser
    2. Candidate’s webcam is disabled
    3. Candidate is not looking into the camera
    4. People other than the test taker appear in the camera or the mic picks up conversation/noise in the background
    5. Face of the person writing the exam does not match with the photo taken at the beginning of the exam
    6. Candidate’s microphone is muted
    7. Candidate stops sharing screen activity
    8. Second display is used, for example a monitor connected to the computer in extended mode
    9. Candidate disables the full screen mode

Doing any of the above activities can lead to a charge of using unfair means, so candidates need to be very careful not to do any of this accidentally. It’d be best to be well versed with the testing system by taking a mock test before the actual test. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and yo must read the official notification for the full list of prohibited activities.

Test session will be proctored live:

Each test session will be proctored / invigilated / monitored live. Here are a few pointers about the live invigilation that you should keep in mind while taking the exam:

  1. Proctor can communicate with test takers via chat, sound (mic only) or audio + video (mic and camera)
  2. Session saves a photograph of the the taker’s face and periodic snapshots of their face and screen every minute
  3. At the end of the session, the proctor leaves a feedback, either positive or negative, about the candidate’s conduct.
  4. The candidates will not be allowed to take any bio-breaks. If a candidate takes any break, it will be treated as having resorted to unfair means
  5. If a student faces any technical difficulty, like network disconnection, power cut, etc, they will be allowed to login again and continue from the last question attempted. In case the candidate is unable to resume the test immediately, they will be tested again within two days with proper intimation and approval from the ICSI.
  6. The candidates can take a mock test of 1 hour before the actual test. The details of the mock will be announced on a later date by the ICSI.
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You can read the official notification by ICSI here.

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